Thursday, March 9, 2017

Flying back to the North Island NZ

Well on Monday we had a last walk around at Dunedin and here is one of many of the lovely churches 😊

and another which is now a bar......The Monkey Bar
we packed up all our stuff and were ready for a drive back to Queenstown for 1 night....

I got to see this cute shot of little baby Cooper who I will MEET next week when back home again 😇

Paul says hello to you all again 

our kind of view from the motel unit in Queenstown and just took it easy as we were flying yesterday (Tuesday) to Auckland

The mountains called "The Remarkables" took this snap while waiting to take hire car back 

I found quite a good spot to watch planes take off and land 😊

our shadows standing on a concrete block to get a better view.....

and there goes a plane just past the tree and going past the mountain.....Dad's ashes are up there so a lovely place for him to be 💜

up up and away......

Now at the airport watching others boards their plane 

Woody excited waiting in the bag

he then sat on a table and watched planes taxi by.....made 2 men passing smile lol 

NZ644 is us 

out plane landing

ready for other passengers get off.....

now you of course are going to see lots of flying wing shots lol Woody likes this seat the best 

turning at the end of the runway.....

racing along 

up in the air passing the airport 

great view back down and we sure have had great weather 

beautiful blue water lakes below 

and blue sunny sky with snow capped mountains 😊

but oh dear, as we got close to the North lol 

wings expanding for the landing as we fly through the clouds 

seeing bits of land below once under the cloud 

winging our way over the last bit of sea 

down on the runway

brakes on and always amazing to watch.....
well....hope you liked that little flight and our trip....
still continuing for a little bit yet xoxoxoxo

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  1. Lots of fun things you showed us.. but that darling baby is the sweetest! I bet you can't wait to hold him in your arms! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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