Friday, March 10, 2017

Auckland zoo visit

Hey there family and we are at the Auckland zoo checking out the otters.....there were 4 of them but as usual by the time you take a pic they move on lol 

the tiger was up and about for 2 I got in quick 😉

here is part of the tiger enclosure....there was another one asleep way off in the distance in their other enclosure....

a colorful Macaw 

nice parrot, think called peach face 

great big turtle and there were 3 of them and can just see one other on the left in background 

spider monkey as close as I could get a pic as all the others turned their backs and ran lol 

lemur enjoying the sunshine 

would you believe this is an orangutan under its little red blanket lol 
we saw it and it covered itself up 👀

Kea if you look real hard at the rock 

and this is their enclosure waterfall

pretty nice for them I guess 


2 elephants here 

and Woody found this one to ride lol 

when we have been other times there has been lots of roosters, but seem a bit reduced now....this one had a big chunk of bread in its beak and the seagulls were going crazy after it lol 

rhino who would not lift up head to show me his horn......

but this is special and new baby giraffe 


yep the best shot I could get of the lion area.....just her 😀

baby tortoises called a leopard tortoise  

the adult ones 

and love bird nesting boxes painted by a local primary colorful 

and there were plenty of happy lovebirds 💓

meerkat on guard 

and a few more 

back to better view of the giraffes 

so cute seeing this little one.....her name is Kabili which means "twice" in zulu.....she had a twin who unfortunately died and they were born premature....but she is thriving 👍👍

a peacock enjoying some bug eating 

and a tuatara 
Tuatara are rare, medium-sized reptiles found only in New Zealand. They are the last survivors of an order of reptiles that thrived in the age of the dinosaurs.....can live over 200 years and do know of 1 Henry still productive at 111!!!

we had a good day and got plenty of walking we have just been doing a bit of appointment stuff and enjoying our last few days left here in New Zealand......

and here is the gorgeous regal "Dante'" one of my Sarah's cats.....he is relaxing in her car lol 
love this kitty very much and think he is now 13 😊 she posted to facebook so I pinched it 

and on with more knitting to relax a bit 

and also today we parked on a road where the planes fly over and I snapped this HUGE singapore plane........awesome
well may you get to all enjoy a good weekend whatever you are doing xoxoxo

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  1. How fun at the zoo with so many different animals! My favorite was the little giraffe.. I love those so much. Enjoy your trip and getting back home. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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