Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goodbye NZ hello new grandbaby

Now back home but this snap was while staying in Auckland at a motel and rain it did lol 

and very heavy on the day we decided to go in to the city of Auckland 

thought we would check out the wharf 

and one massive ship was in......

and another much smaller but still BIG lol 

we had this neat tissue box that was in Dad's car that we were still using.....and the car has now been bought by a dealer.....

our nz friends John and Leone 

selfie group pic 😀😀

our last night in nz we went to this place for tea 

amazing decorations 

still walking through to the restaurant area 

in part of the restaurant.....very neat and had a wonderful meal here and forgot to take pics as reckon I was hungry lol 

and on Tuesday we were flying back home and Woody was keen as usual 


and it involved a bus out on the tarmac to meet our plane lol 

Woody ready for wing view this time 

we were in the middle section.....2 aisle's with 3 3 3 seating 

and we were in this section near the handy 

I got to watch Adele again with Graham Norton doing interview in between songs....loved this 

and crowded house again too good Aussie concert 

Woody enjoyed too 

Paul reckoned Woody was safe in his pocket for the landing lol 
and now we are back home but on our way back yesterday......

dropped in to see that gorgeous Miss April who had plenty of smiles 💖

and Granny  got to meet COOPER lol so cute and little 😀

and Granpa had a hold too 

hello blog world lol 

and today Thursday we are back at our regional home and just look at that sky.....a tad threatening of storms lol 
Love out there and may your week be a good one xoxo


  1. I'm glad you're home safely and got to hold that new little darling boy. April sure is growing, too. Are you going to sit still for a bit now? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Um another trip but only overnight for birthdays lol

  2. Oh, what sweet babies, Wendy.
    Your trip sounds wonderful. I love the pics of the
    Thai restaurant- very interesting decor.

    1. Yes that Thai was great and glad you visited xo

  3. Great to see you both!

    1. Yay to you reading my blog xoxoxo


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