Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Grandboy 18 and a friend 70

Hello, yes we came back home and then on Saturday back to city area for a special 18th....crazy traffic, this is called the Monash carpark coz it is so slow....

Woody was keen to see the 18 year old 

and there he first born grandson Brandon with his Mum Sarah next to him and Shannon in the right of background all checking menus 

Ray arrived with little April all ready for a fun lunch 

she was very happy that Woody came too lol 

Paul having a quiet moment 😉

Frank arrived with Misty and Riley who is still a bit shy...and Batty at the front on the right Brandon's brother 

and Master Cooper arrived in "that outfit" with his Mummy...Sarah snapped him up quick lol 

such a cute baby and none of us are biased lol 

he even had a little smile for me 😇

and chilled with Granny for a while 

everyone had a great lunch.....we were at a place called Hog's Breath 

Lauren and Ray enjoying their food and drink with kiddies 

didn't manage a good snap of Riley lol 

Misty entertained April

and the Hog guys came out singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY lol 

singing away and plenty of sparklers on the yummy pav......and yes I did have some 

Nice smiling pic of my older grandboys.....

ah ha a better pic of Riley and sister Misty 💗

and Sarah serving up the pav.....we had such a lovely time with all of my grandies together which meant all cousins together....but one missing person was my son Rex who lives far far away.......but goood news HE IS MOVING BACK 😀😀

we then headed to our city place and had a meal at our favourite Thai place....

just a small place but has lots of tables outside and was packed before I took this snap of Paul paying the bill

Woody was exhausted and just could not get out of my bag.....

next day we had a 70th lunch to attend and Woody was happy the weather was great....

lots of family and friends gathering together for a special man 

the man of the moment John turning 70.....we first met him when we joined a van club (no longer members) and plan to have many more catch-ups....he and Val (his wife) visited us in the city for a day 😄

another shot of all enjoying the warm day 

and Woody managed to end up with a bottle top from a stubby.....he liked the little horses on it lol 

and just look at this cake made by one of the dear friends.....awesome 

even had flashing headlights!! 

just look at this lolly selection.....they have many grandchildren all who were there and fun seeing them all together enjoying celebrating with Poppy 

John and Val cutting the cake.....
Thanks so much for having us at your family/friend occasion 💖
Well now back to be homing again catching up on stuff....


  1. Mum I am so glad you got some great pics ! I love how Mr Cooper is staring straight into your eyes in some of them �� yummy you got to have dinner at the great thai place, I do miss it! Hehe I love the stubby lid Woody found at Johns party ������ xoxoxoxo

  2. Wow.. what a lot of fabulous family and friends celebrations! I'm happy for you that your son is moving back home!! I sure wish my 2 kids that live far away would return. My son may at some point, but my daughter is thoroughly brainwashed against Oregon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes as I said in email back to you sad yours so far away too xoxo

  3. So glad you get to meet up with Cooper from time to time, too! It is precious to have grand time, isn't it. I am excited for you that you are planning another big trip! I am planning to travel across the USA this summer with my sisters, and we aim to visit our 96 year old uncle on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.


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