Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Busy days and a wedding

Yes Woody has something to tell August he is going to Edinburgh Tattoo!! Just a bit excited lol 

and throwing in this bus tour before Edinburgh..... Budapest around to Vienna yay

and on Friday I had the fun of minding Mr Cooper 💙

so sweet 

Granny and Mr Cooper selfie 👀

and Saturday we drove to Ballarat for the man's oldest son's wedding  😃

Quite a few of the family booked in at a nearby motel 

it was held in some lovely botanical gardens.....and just look at this lovely old pine 

wonder how old it is.....looks amazing 

my girl and her man looking good 

my man 😉

my middle boy 

my oldest boy with Sarah 

Frank Sarah youngest boy who has those cute little grandies was unable to come 😞

Frank Me

Frank Mum Rex 

Frank Sarah Mum Rex 

Frank Sarah Shannon Me good getting all these pictures 💜

me and him 

uh oh photo bombing lol 

yes Missy Julia 

Wendy Julia Paul Brenton

Jason the soon to be married with the celebrant 

no pictures taken of course during all these are after and can tell you it was a lovely time had by us all with so much love shown between these two 💙💙💗💗

They were married under this tree area

many close friends and family all congratulating them 

after the photo shoot......gorgeous purple dress

standing is youngest boy Brenton and sitting starting from left...Jason, his Grandma, his Mum with neat purple stripes through her hair 

and here is a better pic of Jess the bride with her gorgeous Mum

after the ceremony Shrek (who belongs to Missy) and Woody decided they would join us at the reception lol 

the wedding cake.....these guys were enjoying 😀

lots of little dinosaur donuts in 4 flavours.....what a great idea and easy to cut lol 

a monster was there to accept any good wishes and donations 😉

Paul putting our card in 

happy purple monster 

Shannon, Rex, Frank.....and I loved the purple feathers on the tables 

the menu 

Its an inside joke to those who know Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy lol 

dungeon and dragon dice and minions thanking us lol 

Julia, Sarah chatting to Grandma and Mum 

Brenton looking good among the feathers lol 

wedding selfie 

enjoying a drink lol 

Purple everywhere.....

oh yeah Woody had fun lol 

my soup 

Paul's beef Thai salad gone lol 

Jess's Mum doing her speech 

Paul doing his speech.....almost made some of us cry.....

the lovely couple taking their first dance 

and me and Sarah of course, we love dancing lol 

and yes we may have ended up with feathers in our hair lol 

and Woody up dancing with me down the front of my dress lol 
Fabulous night and we also had a wonderful visit/lunch with the happy couple the next day before driving back to the city....

before we left we had a little walk around Ballarat and look.....there is Robbie Burns......we saw him while in Dunedin in New Zealand but no dog lol

Ballarat  info of course.....this place is late 1800's so many magnificent old buildings 

back in the city and yesterday the weather changed from hot and steamy to steamy and wet lol 

made our walk a bit quicker and caught the tram back.....
today is Tuesday and going to meet up with a friend here and tomorrow off to do some Granny duties before catching the train back home 😏😏


  1. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!* to the happy couple and the whole family! Your crowd sure loves to party! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Mum what fantastic photos you captured of the wonderful day, one of the most loving weddings ever! I have some good photos I will send to you. Awww gorgeous lil Cooper, those eyes of his are mesmerising!! XOXO P.S I had the time of my life dancing with you at the wedding, Mum, you are the best !

    1. It sure was fun eh sarah dear girl of mine xoxo

  3. So glad you all had such a lovely time and I loved the purple theme :) xx


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