Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Catching up all round I am with my dear friend Jill...we met many years ago while working for a bank and have kept in touch every since....even though last catch up was probably 4yrs ago lol 

and yes little April I minded/played with and also helped with Cooper but no pics of him 

she was trying to oink at this lego pig 

she loved that I brought Woody along 

we went for a walk 

and she loved hugging Woody on the swing and I had fun enjoying her too 😊

we planned a short trip in our Winnie to catch up with friends and family too 

all hitched up and on the road 

selfie as you do on the road lol 

Woody was happy to hang out with Miss Hap and Jack 

beautiful weather and we enjoyed the free night here at St Arnaud 

which as luck had it a sports club so we had  a great meal with our van friends 

that is their van 

and here is Paul with Lyndsay and Gayle 

shadow pics as I like 

back on the road in the sunshine 

very straight road and certainly very dry grass 

parked at a golf club called Rich River and as long as member $18 for 3 years can stop here anytime you like of course that does not mean you can play golf lol 

there was a big 5th wheeler here too 

car park of the club 

Golf club entrance 

so of course we ate tea here 😉

lovely sun setting 

on we went with Woody, this time to catch up with one of my sisters 

there is Jule and hubby Carl 

our shadows as we walked to the local pub 

Paul checking the menu and Carl chatting with local friends 😀

Woody relaxing after a wine lol 
a good time we had and plenty of walking

up and off again

this time driving over Mt Hotham info here 

very steep and getting colder as we went up 

we stopped up here for lunch and you can just see it is 11 celcius 😊

and our nibble lunch we made....easy and tasty 

looking back down one of the ski snow at moment but it will come soonl 

we drove on to another free camp spot and a rabbit kept appearing but never close enough to snap 

we called in our local van fixer man for some things and just check this boat out.....massive lol 

and I arrived back to this card in the post.....I am turning 60 so wanted to make sure I had my card ready for cheap trains/coffee/food etc etc lol 
well of course back home now washing plenty of clothes bedding and cleaning Winnie ready for another time 😀😀


  1. I love your adventures in your Winnie, Wendy. They always look so relaxing and interesting, though I must admit, that road on the side of the mountain made my stomach drop.
    I bet April was happy to have her grandmother all to herself.

    1. Thanks Susan we do enjoy ourselves and agree with that road up the mountain lol

  2. I enjoyed seeing your Winnie adventure. We're getting our caravan ready for a week at the Pacific ocean in a few weeks! April is so cute! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. How wonderful Mum,I am so happy you got to catch up with great people like Jill, Aunty Julie and Uncle Carl :) Love the shadow pics too ;) April looks very happy with Granny and Woody! So glad you got to take the winnie out for a trip, I love reading your blogs xoxoxoxooxxo

    1. Dear dear Sarah girl o mine xoxoxo we did have much fun


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