Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blog catchup

Gee it has been 2 weeks since I last posted.....been a little busy here and there. We bought a new Woody and what a difference....the older ones fingers are separated....his whole body is better made and his head is much smaller than the new boof head lol Going to keep him and give to April/Cooper when they are older ☺

and look......even google new I had a birthday on 7th 

that day we headed down to stay at my sisters for the night and Carl her hubby drove us to their local pub for tea ♥

Woody lay around on the table lol 

a little pic Carl took for me 

Carl lighting my cake back at their home.....on low carb so they got a wheel of brie cheese and decorated with sliced olives ♥♥ 

and boy those number 60 sparkles sure were neat....thank you so much Jule and Carl 

said goodbye to their cat Jill as we were leaving 

and same to Jack who was in a box lol lol 

we then were back in the city place for the night and following morning the weather was sure looking crazy 

thank goodness most of it blew away 

and while here the steam trains were running and of course I was very happy about that ☺☺

My girl came to have a birthday lunch with us and grandboy Brandon who you know recently turned 18 ♥

back home we went and Missy came to visit for the night 

and Brenton came just for a nice visit 

and Paul enjoyed a relaxing evening ☺

next day I had a good hair trim 

and as you can see Paul had a major trim lol 

 Paul put our bikes on the car to take to our city pad so we can do a bit of bike riding while we are there.......
Well will be back for more catchup posting ☺☺


  1. Wow...what a clever low-carb cake! Happy Birthday! 🎶 xx

    1. wow gracie you have caught up with me and cake was awesome xo


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