Thursday, April 20, 2017

Minding April ☺☺☺

Hello again.......April came to stay with us for a night at city ♥ she is walking now and was happily exploring around 

she loves the fake grass carpet on our little balcony 

and she loves watching all the cars/trams go by and seeing many seagulls flying ☺

after her lunch we took her for a walk to a nearby park with Woody of course, she really likes his company lol 

she had a great time walking on the grass 

and Grandpa pushed here through this tunnel  

out to the light....she loved it 

she loves playing with this bee which I gave to my Mum but now have it myself.....

Hope this works as don't know what I am doing lol
April having fun with my crochet/knit bag 

we also of course had another walk out in the city and this time  

she was very happy with a beanie I have made for her to wear when with us in the city and she loves the little crochet blanket too 

and got to go on 2 tram rides 

she was not so keen on others chatting to her lol 

and there goes our last tram down the hill.....we then got in the car to take her home for her afternoon nap......of course she fell asleep straight away but luckily I managed to get her into the house and in her cot and she fell back to sleep ☺♥

I hung some clothes to help out and it sure was a lovely sunny day 

and Paul had fun giving Trixie some exercise with ball throwing lol 

we then drove back home and I noticed Paul held belted Woody in the car seat lol lol 
home again but not for long as have a dear friends 60th Nibbles and drinks on Sunday so yes back to the city we go lol lol  
Sometimes I forget where I am in the middle of the night.....good way to keep brain active ☺☺
Well that is my catchup all done xoxoxo


  1. I loved seeing that cute little April with her crocheted hat and blanket.. a very loved darling child. You two are always on the go.. have fun at your friend's party. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wonderful catch up. :) Oh goodness little love is getting so big. Heh- I like that she is not keen on others talking to her. That makes me chuckle. And look at her with that adorable hat!

    1. Thanks Andi of course I emailed you back xoxo

  3. I loved seeing April walk! Our little Sarah is still cruising holding on to things. You have outfitted her perfectly as you head into your Fall. xx

    1. So cute watching them walk around and the things they love to play with xoxo


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