Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Another catchup post

Hello out there, been a few weeks since I posted.....whoops....this is a label I have for wrapping around something that I made for my older sister for her bday......need to see her sometime ☺

watched a great railway journey show which featured "the flying Scotsman" which we were lucky to see last year when we were in the UK......going again this year and wonder where it will be this time ♥

when we caught up with Pauls boy and wife and I gave them this blanket that I crocheted for them.....they were very happy with it ☺☺and sent me this pic ♥

we have had a few trees trimmed!!! lol more than a trim but they grow back and need hacking back every couple of years.....birds not happy 

in the back garden......last weekend (22nd may) we headed back to our city joint as were going to a concert ☺

Kasey Chambers Kasey_Chambers info......waiting for the music to start....

I even wore my new ankle boots lol  I have been a big fan of Kaseys for ever and love her country music style with plenty of upbeat happening too 

best I could get with my mobile as it did not like the bright lights lol 


but got to share this pic taken by someone else.....her Dad Bill is on the far left...good night it was 

and on the Sunday I had my dearest best friends 60th.....a drinks, canapes and music evening 

they had caterers cooking and serving some delish food.....her hubby Mark is in the black shirt 

and here is Melanie chatting with another friend ♥♥

her brother in the middle came and I have also known him all my life ☺

it was great under this gazebo....and Melanie's son Rory is in the white shirt 

great happy gathering and we sure had plenty of chatting happening all over the place 

the best I could get when she made her little speech of thanks ♥♥

chatting with her bro 

and us.....friends since 1957

a hug goodbye and thanks for an awesome night 

I think Paul had taken enough snaps lol  we caught a bus/train/tram back to the city 

on Monday we decided to go to the IMAX about_imax  and watch on the massive screen a 3D movie with David Attenborough on the London was fantastic.....

and Tuesday back on the train home we the last carriage 

and we faced backwards ♥

and it rained along the way.....2hr journey

and look can see the tracks whizzing along......I was happy lol 

now back home and relaxing with Midsomer murders 

catching up on some crochet/knitting/sewing and of course washing clothes lol
see you again soon  


  1. You two are such movers and shakers.. moss does not grow under your feet! Looks like lots of fun with friends and family and the train trip to boot! Good for you grab life and enjoy yourselves! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes we get around a bit although currently longest we have been at home in ages but have cousin visiting this weekend oxo

  2. What fun to catch up with some of your happenings, Wendy... a concert, party, family and a train ride, too :) I like watching MM, too, and just discovered this week that I can watch the BBC Escape to the Country on Netflix...gorgeous scenery, bits of history, and crafts are wonderful to watch. Your crocheting is beautiful! xx

    1. Yes like escape to the country here when I can and thanks re my crochet xoxoxo


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