Thursday, May 11, 2017

Busy days and nights ☺ ♥

Hello again......seem to just be doing weekly blogs which is aok by me ☺ You can see Paul here deconstructing the old spa

it has sat in the back yard for many years and we decided to get rid of it...

just the slab left and will have to think if we will put anything there instead ☺

I am moving on with some reading, coffee drinking and a little bit of knitting for me 

finished this scrappy crochet scarf 

the other night (Friday) we decided to go out for tea at the bowls club and I put on a scarf and my beaded headband which I crocheted years ago.....rocking the old lady look lol 

and this guy came and found us.....Brenton Paul's middle kiddo ☺

I also have crocheted over some hair ties for some little girls I know ♥ which I gave to my cousin when she visited ☺

we have also been busy checking out long lost mini video tapes which have my oldest Grandboys on and it is fun looking back 

this guy is now 18 ♥

and this one almost 16.......we also have much loved ones of my Mum, Dad and youngest brother Andy no longer with very special ☺

and my cousin Lisa came for the night on Saturday and my girl Sarah came to.....girl love and mega chatting ☺

Paul giving some advice lol 

love this pic even if a bit blurry.....

and Paul is a little sad coz his girl Missy (Julia) has gone to a new job in a far far away to Darwin in the northern territory  but he is happy for her ☺

and Sarah left on Sunday and I gave her that scrappy scarf ☺☺

back to knitting and watching great continental train know how much I love trains lol 

and yesterday (Wednesday) we drove down to mind/help with this gorgeous batgirl April 

and she had lots of fun playing and me reading some books and 

of course she was very happy Woody came too ☺☺

and Mr Cooper who is now 3mths and so sweet too 

on the bouncer with the star blanket I crochet for him ♥♥

April enjoyed her lunch ☺

and Cooper smiled at me a lot ☺

and this girl sure was glad to see Paul and him thrown the ball for her HEAPS lol 

I even bravely went on my own for a walk with them ☺☺

serious selfie of Coop lol 
now back home again and chilling a bit with more video sorting
Cool weather and keeping warm xoxoxo


  1. I enjoyed following your busyness, Wendy and am so glad you have had more good times with your family. It is wonderful that you have the family videos...I know we are grateful for ours, too. I admire your stitching projects and think you look great modeling the scarf! I can imagine you enjoying the train programs as I am enjoying more episodes of the BBC "Escape to the Country" :) xx

    1. Gracie thank you for the compliments on my projects it sure helps to relax in the evenings and yes I love Escape to the country too ☺☺ really old program shows here lol

  2. Hi Wendy! I always enjoy seeing your get-together's with family, friends and your darling grandchildren! I just received a package of cotton yarn today from Australia, the yarn having been made in Africa.. multicultural project I have to work on soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa and look forward to your I enjoyed steam train today toot toot


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