Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Holiday fun and warm weather

Here we are on the skybus to the airport for a little trip too the Gold Coast (Queensland)

Waiting for our plane to arrive 

still waiting and was delayed by over an hour and gate changes too but that was okay......unlike some who had to run full pelt to get to their correct gate lol 

not our plane but boy did some have large suitcase to take on board and staff not happy as this is a very small plane.....

Getting ready to board ours 😀😀

We had a great flight and that night ate at the surf club across the road from accomodation and I had the lamb skewers....

Paul had the pork belly and salad yummo 

the weather is warm in our bedroom lol 

Woody was happy to be along with us again 😁😁

on the Saturday we were meeting my sis, bro in law and niece for lunch in Brisbane and after we got off the bus we saw this war service being held.....

with lots of bagpipes being played too 😃

Grand Central Railway and we were going to have lunch next door at the hotel 

and everlasting flame memorial area 

Woody enjoyed lunch with a beer or 2 😈

Paul and bro in law xo

my sis and her daughter my niece xo  we are going to see sis and bro again on Thursday for lunch in Coolangatta where we are staying 😊

We had dropped Paul's boy Brenton at this theme park Dreamworld and they were having the Storm troopers and other Star War characters so we also went for the afternoon 😃

waiting to have pics taken 

so I got Brenton to join them lol 

and Paul was kind enough to help Woody also get in the pics 😉

he wondered if he could get a bit part in the next Star Wars movie 😉😉

we stayed until 5 ish and it sure gets dark early here lol 

goodbye Dreamworld 

and see this is the Buzz Saw.....Brenton rode it and we have been on it ONCE......never again lol 

On Sunday we had a little walk along the path  along the beach 

another beautiful day 

this is where we are staying......back view but is opposite the beach 😀😀

there is a pub below and must check it out 

also found this store interesting but closed on Sundays 

interesting tea mixes 

then we met Ian and Mary our Qld buddies 😊😊

selfie of course and we enjoyed a lunch at the Surf club....great place to eat and meet 😃

Brenton relaxing with a movie that night 

Yesterday Tuesday we went back to Dreamworld (the only ticket we have this time) and another gorgeous day 

they have lots of tigers here some white some  orange tiger-island more info here 

3 keepers were in with them as we past and they were pretty relaxed just the same as cats lol 

the male Orange one came past with his tongue out lol 

Paul and Brenton on the TAILSPIN ride and YES I did ride this later and counted how many times I went around up there.......9 times......good view but oh my.....

there they are ready for another ride 

up they go 

and ready to go around 

Brenton was spinning around see in the front......I did NOT do this.....just held on for my life lol 

woo hoo 

back past the tigers later and this one was enjoying the sun......

these guys love dodgem no....go Paul 

and Brenton

we drove out of theme park for lunch (boy those places charge a LOT for food and drink) and went to nearby pub, oh how cute does Brenton look with flowers lol 

I had oyster Kilpatrick, they had steaks 

back to Dreamworld and rode the little train around the park 

a lizard sat next to us till the train took off.....

selfie on the train 😁😁

and the cute engine.....

goodbye train

we went on a few other rides and this mini coaster too where your legs dangle down 💀💀

love this coaster 

and the guys decided to go on Gingy's glider.....I went on this years ago and HATED it lol 

getting ready Paul 

there he goes waving 

and Brenton with the thumbs up lol 

today (Tuesday) we dropped him off at a theme park Seaworld and we went on a walk nearby to see if we could see dolphins or seals as sometimes lucky 

plenty of waves and surfers out there 

out to the point we walked 

quite a few yachts way out and a large speed boat 

looking back to where we are staying Coolangatta way off in distance to the left.....

someone was snorkeling just past the rocks 

our midday shadow snap 👿

zoomed in on Surfers Paradise 

and now we are back at our accommodation and Woody not happy with the new bag I have bought as he does not fit 😔😔😔 and thinks a drink or 2 will help him lol........all is ok though as I usually have my backpack he will be fine for next trip 😀😀😀😀
Hope you have enjoyed this crazy post of mine and will be back with more xoxoxo

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  1. What a wonderful trip! Our family spent many happy days at theme parks in the US, however, yours truly avoided roller coasters! We used to have a surfing video that maybe was recorded on the Gold Coast, but wherever it was, your photos of the water are beautiful! I enlarged them on the computer screen and especially like the photo with the cluster of sail boats!⛵️ 🤗


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