Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Theme park time

 Well look here a new rollercoaster is being installed at MOVIEWORLD........we don't have tickets this time but we will be back some time lol

It is going to be HUGE 

back to Dreamworld we spent today having  fun and me mostly just taking pics all around.....Paul and Brenton getting ready for Pandamonium lol 

off they go side ways 

now a tour around tiger island 

so neat seeing these tigers 

kung fu panda 

many rides closed due to maintenance......

Rollercoaster Brenton rode later 

he rode this many times 

the mini coaster I love to ride 

Yep another one not working......being repaired/maintained 

and later Brenton rode this one.......

Brenton in line for this crazy ride 

view out over the car park and towards the water park 

there he the front of last carriage lol 

heading off  for lunch out of the park as way to expensive....

Prawn cocktail for me 

chicken Caesar for Paul 

and fish and chips for Brenton but no eating of salad lol 

looking up at the big drop which Brenton was keen to ride 

there he goes....on the left 38 storeys high 

way way up

ready to drop 

down he comes lol 

we watched the Doohan ride which is on motorbikes but rollercoaster style 

sample of the bike you ride 

ready to get on board 

and we all rode and I went back to check those Tigers 

and on that tailspin those crazy males went......not me this time 

and we checked this rollercoaster 

just for pictures and then.......

Brenton rode......he is in the last carriage up back if your zoom lo 

and again here going through loop.......
last bit of theme fun for me and Paul....Brenton will do more catching up again with my sis Lolly and Pete xoxooxxooxo enjoy out there 

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