Monday, June 5, 2017

End of Cooly and granddaughter fun ♥

Hello....our last full day in Coolangatta and we walked to the RSL for a morning coffee and I chose the Vienna yum 

simple straight black for him ☺

the view from the side of the road is NSW and the other QLD 

and here is my sis again we met for lunch and shouted her for her birthday......HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Wednesday sis xoxo

and her hubs with Paul......great catching up with you and yes we will be back lol 

we went out and bought ourselves these headphones, which are bluetooth or cable so will be great on the plane for watching movie on my mobile and tablet ☺☺

final night of doing some knitting and enjoying warm weather 

Friday Woody was saying goodbye to the view and the blue sky

in the bigger bag with the headphones ready to head to the airport 

waiting for our plane to arrive......and goodbye to Brenton who was on another flight

we had a good flight back to cold Melbourne and caught the skybus back to our city place ☺☺

Saturday this little cutie came to stay for the night ♥

she had fun playing with Bullseye, almost tried to ride him lol 

pointing to his mouth lol 

and she loved sitting on the little step at the sliding door to the balcony ♥

after her nap we took her out for a walk......of course with Woody in her hands 

and on a tram.......

she loved having little walks around and was not interested in the steam train on the 

but she loved the lizard display 

and the birds too ☺☺ so much to see and do but just had a short visit and will take her again for sure 

she loved sitting at the big table in the cafe having her water and some cute little biscuits her Mum packed for her ☺☺

waiting for the tram back and I see she is biting Woody's head lol 

after her bath and dinner she again wanted to sit on the little step......

so cute and busy examining her shoes lol 

she slept all night and woke up very happy as you can see......ready to head back home to Mummy and Daddy.....♥ 
and back to her brother Cooper who has grown so much.....pinched this pic from Mummy....
gorgeous grandies.....
Well going to be busy doing lots of catchups with normal stuff and then another little trip to a cold seaside lol xoxoxoxo


  1. What adorable darlings you have there. I'm glad you get to spend so much time with them! What are you going to the cold seaside for? We have rain forecast for our time with our cousins at the beach which is unfortunate. But we still have fun anyway. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. THanks again for visit Teresa and sent private email to you xo

  2. I always enjoy Woody's antics, but he is upstaged by your sweet grandies. I'm so glad you are able to spend good times with your family, Wendy. Thanks for all the posts and the links to info. 🤗😘

    1. Yes Woody does love getting out and about lol


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