Saturday, June 17, 2017

A bit of home cooking and off to cool seaside place

Well finally back to blog catching up lol Paul picked up these for Trixie as some of her balls have ended up over the fence and the neighbor does not throw them back 😑😑so more for her to enjoy 

and similar to those balls is this bright blanket I am working on for someone 😀😀

I managed to cook up these low carb seed crackers 

sesame and sunflower seeds recipe here sesame-crispbread

also a very yummy zucchini lasagna which we now have 4 pieces in the freezer for another time 

I have also had my hair trimmed again and slowly getting use to shorter hair.....done 2 weeks ago now 

been downloading via NETFLIX "call the midwife" love this show very much ♥

and that bunch of flowers which were sent to me from Paul's Jess and Jase have now been stuck in the garden and currently still growing 3 weeks later 😃😃

a cyclamen pink from Frank doing really well a year later and little plant in pot from my Mums plant which Sarah regrew from cutting for me 💗💗 

and flowers in a pot from cousin Lisa now also in the garden 

and on with those railway shows I enjoy with my crochet in hand too 😊

and a bit over a week ago we bought this mini Woody, Bullseye with a shooting boot lol fun times ahead 

last Friday 9th June we headed off for a weeks holiday at a seaside resort Rye travelvictoria rye

that night we had this little guy Riley join us for the night......look how long his curly hair is....does not want a haircut yet lol 

and his Dad my Frank checking out Woody's foot lol

cuddling up together.....a bit camera shy 

the following day (Saturday) I walked around this resort and here is our car in front of the unit we stayed in......sleeps 6 and we were expecting more visitors 

a fountain in the garden 

big barbecue area where Frank and Riley enjoyed a pancake breakfast earlier....

and here they are enjoying the spa 💙💙

Riley still not keen on camera lol 

he really was happy and had a lot of fun 😄😄

he did a great dive in the pool but I missed it lol 

swimming to the edge of this lovely salty heated pool 

caught Frank's dive though.....

mini-golf course here too 

Woody's chilling in the kitchen getting ready for next visitors 

view back to lounge in the distance 

stairs up to the 2 bedrooms/bathrooms 

Riley had a good play on the mini golf before going back home to his Mums....

and the beach across the road from us 
back again with next catchup post......

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