Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Getting away in our 5th Wheeler

Hello out has been a while since posting and we have been busy ☺
Love watching Doc Martin info here and I am watching it right now on catchup tv as missed 2 episodes while on our little trip 

and of course Love Child is that aussie one I love and cry episode info here Love_Child_(TV_series) of series 4......oh boy 

and hooking along with another beanie.....rather bright lol 

and completed some mittens for me with the New Zealand wool I have had for YEARS 

Anyway, bright and early on Thursday 29th June we did our usual walk to the post office and I snapped the sun rising ☺

We had packed up our Winnie and bikes as well to have a little trip away 

Woody was pleased to be heading off somewhere lol 

Selfie in the car and can see the front of the Winnie with spare wheel 

We stopped for lunch at a town called Yea info here yea-victoria-travel-guide-and-things-to-do-

and had a nice little lunch at the local pub 

on the road I crochet this little hat for Woody lol 

that night we stopped at a free camp type spot and whipped up a tasty cabbage/bacon/veg stir fry 

Woody was keeping warm with Jack and Miss Hap 

I started a beanie to match my mittens ☺

hooking in the van while watching British Railway Journeys ♥

here is where we stopped......

a great big shed which is 

and got complimentary coffee and also enjoyed a yum breakfast 

The big strawberry 

looking back from the cafe area to our lonely rig lol 

off we headed with me of course hooking along the way

a lovely brisk but sunny day and plenty of trucks 

we stopped for lunch and I had prawn cocktail 

and Paul a beef stir fry 

on Friday 30th June we stopped here for the night 

it is a place called Bogans Weir near a town Peak Hill and free camping encouraged ☺☺
we did not light a fire as it was chilly outside lol 

more hooking of that beanie keeping warm inside 

and one I completed earlier.....don't know what lucky person will end up with this bright mess lol 

Paul working on his computer in a nice warm jumper 

another cabbage veg stirfry.....easy and tasty in the van 

I caught up on a "Call the Midwife" episode which I had downloaded from Netflix when at home ☺

I was keeping warm under the crochet blanket I made a few years was done via Ravelry and a square month type fun ☺☺

and me in my extra thick van jumper.....

in the morning we saw ICE all over the place 

even on the hatch over our bed and would you believe the temp inside the was -1.6 at 9am......brrrrrr it sure was nippy lol 
I will be back with a pretty much 6 more posts catchup xoxoxo


  1. You're adventurous to go camping when it was so cold!! I think you're bright cap is going to make someone very happy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa and yes we are very game lol

  2. I find it to be especially challenging to keep warm while camping when the weather is chilly, but what a great time to use/make your pretty crocheted blanket and hats! It is so good of you to make sure Woody is warm in his handsome hat :) xx

    1. Oh yes always good to have plenty of warm hats/scarves handy lol


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