Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dubbo zoo on bikes ☺

Here we are again.....this time visiting the Dubbo Zoo on Saturday 1st July and parked Winnie in their big carpark and took the bikes off the can see my shadow as I take a pic of Paul ☺♥

and Woody got to ride on my pack rack lol 

This is one large zoo taronga-western-plains-zoo info here and of course love the Meerkat  

Quite a few Giraffe of many sizes 

it was fun doing the ride around, some of it uphill so a bit of walking too lol 

Zebra's having a good old graze 

there were 4 male lion cubs sitting over there.....and way up the back a lion and lioness.....very hard to see lol 

but luckily for us the male came on over and climbed on these rocks......


Otters doing plenty of fast swimming 

Siamang monkeys 

and almost impossible to see Lemurs......we had a good time and the ticket covers 2 days admission so the plan was to attend again on Sunday ☺

here is the Winnie at the Zoo carpark plenty of room here ☺

we then went to a nearby van park called "Discovery Parks Big4 Dubbo" we were parked on the unpowered area but the owner got us to park near a pole which had hidden power plug.....nice and easy to get in and out and booked for 2 nights......

we were next to the bmx track and all ages were enjoying it here 

and forgot to show my finished rainbow blanket which is loved by the new owners ☺♥

we walked to a club nearby for tea and here is Paul skipping down the steps on our way back ☺☺
Well will be back with part 2 of the zoo xoxo


  1. I loved seeing all those wonderful animals in the zoo! And so fun to hear the lion roaring.. my grandson wondered what that sound was! It looks like you two had lots of fun on this trip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes heaps of fun and very nice of Mr Lion to do that for me lol


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