Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 2 Dubbo zoo

Well today (Sunday 2nd July) we drove into the Dubbo zoo and were going to walk around in between......took a pic of this bike with trailer carrying 2 little ones....sent to my boy Ray as an idea for his 

we went on the African safari bus tour 

and go to see this Giraffe quite close and if you look really hard there are kangaroos behind him laying they sure have nothing to do with Africa and the guide told us they moved in years ago and now call this place home lol 

he tried to get closer but there is a 5 meter rule for the guide so off we went lol 

those huts in the distance allow people to spend the night and experience the sounds of African animals during the night 

Pea fowl who have one of the smallest brains with silliness to match 

the Ostriches were not going to have a close pic today 

it was another beautiful day

we then walked over to the Elephant area and got to see baby Sabai

2 other Elephants were grazing 


obviously Rhinos 

back in the car to drive to next section 


and a tiger which was not going to come closer.......

so I took a pic of a pic lol 

happy travelers 

yes a bit far away 

so a pic of a pic lol 

and a bush wallaby.....
off to do more touristy things as day was sunny with a little chill in the air xoxo

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  1. Mum what a great Zoo, I must go there one day! The photos are amazing and my favourite is the one with the gorgeous giraffe with the sun above him/her. You guys get to some really interesting places! Xoxoxox


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