Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dubbo Gaol

Hey again......after the zoo we thought lets check out the Dubbo Gaol info here and in he goes 

plenty of quaint building here within the prison walls 

Male quarters 

in I go 

but not into the solitary area....too dark and scary for me lol 

Paul checking over the wall 

No fun ending up here climbing the 13 steps.....

another large??? exercise area 

hospital beds 

love old stuff like this.....we had a good tour around 

walking back to our car 

and took a chance at another shadow snap with tree this time 

Macquarie River 

oh look a painted Rhino in this town 

back to the van for our final night and Woody was enjoying the sun 

we plugged in the turbo oven to cook a nice piece of belly pork for tea 

Paul busy on the computer

and we ended the night catching up on another episode of "Outlander"

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