Friday, July 14, 2017

Free camp near a pub

Sure is interesting doing this bloggy was  Monday July 3rd and were parking for free here tonight

Wollombi Tavern info here  has this large area and as long as you ask you can stay......

lovely veranda up there 

toilets which are open 24/7 if needed 

looking back down to our Winnie 

and we had a wee sample of this "fortified wine"

we also ate tea here so nice not having to cook lol 

plenty of these tables on the veranda 

and many carved their names over the years 

Tuesday 4th July we drove for a while to another place for 1 night......

Lake Conjola van park and there was heaps of kangaroos 

quite friendly too 

we went for a walk to see if any whales out in the ocean and saw this Pelican in the stream that flowed to the sea 

A little island way out.....and just past it could just barely see what looked like a whale fin and some splashing.......

walking back to our van as the sun setting 

a yummy bacon/cabbage/capsicum stirfry for tea

and I had finished my scarf/cowl

that beanie 

and here I am wearing the mittens as well......ready for our UK trip lol 
hope you have been enjoying this catchup.....there is still more to go 


  1. I just love that you have kangaroos all over your campground! How amazing. Your crocheted hat, glove and scarf set is pretty! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes kangas can be interesting and thanks re crochet xo


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