Sunday, September 24, 2017

A live show in London and another uncle

Took a bus ride to here just for a look see 

Plenty of cranes here doing some major building and the next few pics are from a large poster we saw with the plans they have for this area 

Certainly going to be huge population around 

And in the afternoon we go to meet Nigel. Another of Paul's uncles whom we met last year too.

Should have tried to get a better pic of the pair but we had a lot of fun catching up and laughing ☺
He even wanted to drive us to the airport area to be ready for our flight in a few days time ♥

Out that night to see the show "Britney Spears the caberet" Google for more info 

Waiting for show to begin....she is married to one of my friend's son whom I have known since he was 3 months old ☺☺ Both very talented artists 

Plenty of selfies happening here 

And their is Christie and Rohan ♥

And us with her ☺
It was a really good night 

Next morning we took the train again and look the good old red mail box 

Oxford Circus 

Some neat buildings along here 

Oh look and we had ourselves this for Brunch at 12 

The rain came but that did not stop us walking the streets of London 

Went into this magnificent toy store....hamleys toy store

I bought nothing lol 

Yes more double deckers 

Piccadilly Circus 

Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain
Iconic winged sculpture, widely believed to be Eros, topping a landmark Victorian memorial fountain

Back down the other street 

And look we found Sherlock Holmes fictional address and boy was there a HUGE queue to go inside, so that we did not  
Another busy couple of days and sleeping well at night lol 
1 Last post to come


  1. Wow, you're living the lifestyle of the rich and famous! I enjoy seeing you have so much fun. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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