Sunday, September 24, 2017

On a London ferry

All ready for another day of touring.....come join us 
Waiting for our train ☺

Into the city again and took this snap and even caught a plane flying over Parliament 

Waiting for our ferry 

Sitting up the top and back 

Going past the eye 

Many bridges up ahead so get ready lol 

Looking back 

Hungerford bridge with Golden Jubilee Footbridges either side 

Looking back again  

You can see another ferry just up ahead of us 

Going under Blackfriars bridge 

Some of the bridges are quite close to each other 

Millennium footbridge 

St Paul's Cathedral 

Next up Southwark Bridge 

The Anchor pub has been here for over 800 years 

And they pointed out this neat ship... a replica of Sir Frances Drakes Golden Hinde

Next one "London Bridge" and of course not the original 
Interesting read here via wiki/London_Bridge

HMAS Belfast HMS Belfast is a museum ship, originally a light cruiser built for the Royal Navy, currently permanently moored on the River Thames in London, England, and operated by the Imperial War Museum

Look Tower bridge 

The Tower of London, officially Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, is a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.

More of Tower bridge 

Yes it does open up but mostly at night to let larger ships through 

Everyone was waving 

Looking back.....we traveled to Greenwich and did a bit of touristy things there 

We saw this mighty boat 
Discover what life was like on board Cutty Sark, the world’s only surviving tea clipper, and fastest ship of her time - now an award-winning visitor attraction in Greenwich
We did not go inside 

Had lunch at this tavern 

Yes chicken wings for me 

Bangers for him 

Neat little streets here 

Had a wee look around the market 

A ship in a bottle and look a plane flying over too 


Just before midday the ball above this clock is lifted and exactly at midday Greenwich meantime the ball drops and this is a visual signal to the ships to reset their chronometers
They still do this more for the tourists, we of course missed it lol  

View back down from this mighty hill in Greewich 

As it says, East Longitude and West Longitude  

So we are hemispheres apart lol 

There is that red ball above the clock 

Merry go round 

and one of those really old slides 

On our way back on the Ferry they showed us where "Ian McKellen" lives with the gold statue 

and a pub he owns called The Grapes
survived the Blitz bombing of the Second World War and retains the friendly atmosphere of a “local” for Limehouse residents, where visitors are always welcome in the bars and upstairs dining room

See the lions judges the river levels and if the "lion is drinking then London is sinking" 
They actually have Thames tidal barriers to stop if getting to high 

The Gold Eagle 
is a memorial to World War 1 members of, mainly, the Royal Flying Corps (part of the Army) and the Royal Naval Air Service

We then walked to pick up tickets for a live show we were going to the following night 

In our hands and looking forward to it 

Down the tube waiting for train back 

Paul filming lol
Almost to the end of this trip and I have really had to use my brain lol 

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