Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Back home catching up

Well hello there. Back home and now the catchup with family and friends. Paul looking happy out for tea 

with my Sarah and me.......she came to stay for a night and of course we had fun and plenty of chatting ☺

I then drove to Rays place to help look after Mr Cooper

There he is with Mummy Lauren ♥

and Trixie could not keep still lol 

I bought this top for him last year when we were in Holland (before he was born) 

He is now 7 months and has grown so much while we were away 

So cute 

and amazing blue eyes......I then drove over to my brother Roberts house to stay the night for a good catchup with him 

The only pic I took.....Paul was there too he caught the train down ☺

Then on Friday we picked up Miss April to stay with us for 2 nights at our city place 

She loves the view here 

and loved playing with mini bullseye and woody 

She loved having a bath in the trough lol 

Such a sweet little girl and she also loves the bee 

and wearing my hat ♥♥

She has lovely soft red leather shoes 

She is now 19 months old and able to do so much 

and had a good laugh on this swing 

running away from Grandpa 

after the seagulls 

and running up a large hill.....Granny was running too lol 

Going through a tunnel to Grandpa 

She can now say the word "Copter" and loved seeing them land and leave often on Saturday 

Even waving and saying "bye bye copter"

a bit of selfie fun on Saturday evening 

All ready for bed 

On Sunday we headed off with her friends for a good walk 

Watching dragon boats going by 

and enjoying the look back to the city.....we had a lovely time with her and she is now back at her home again with Cooper too. 

And my Daffodils are still flowering at home 

There were many more that flowered while we were away but these later ones must have waited for me ☺☺

and that massive Rosemary is still going crazy 

Love taking pics with my Samsung 5 ♥♥
Well all back to home type stuff for now......who knows we may just take a quick van trip or timeshare or.......Thank you for dropping by and may your day be a good one


  1. I'm glad you're home and getting to spend time with your wonderful kids and grandkids.. I do think you have the cutest little ones ever. Enjoy.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Mum how gorgeous April would have Such a funtime with you guys! City ventures then views back at apartment��love the hat photo, so very cute plus the selfie lol. Love all your pics and so enjoy reading your blogs, Mum xoxo

    1. I know so cute and it was a delight to have her smiling face with us xoxoxo


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