Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A fun few days and nights

Well back home and catching up on some crochet and of course enjoying watching "Great rail Journeys"

with Michael Portillo 

And we just might be in the middle of booking our next big trip for 2018 ☺☺

I am also attempting to crochet some socks, very slowly lol 

Enjoyed some Celery soup and Prawn cocktail for lunch 

Working on a scarf for someone ☺

And also back watching David Attenborough and of course more Hooking lol 

Now on Sunday night me and my girl had booked tickets to this show 

and of course Woody was to join in ☺

We did have lots of fun after the serious side of this show ♥

And here is Mark who is my youngest son's friend and part of Hucklebuck Productions who believed in this project and produced ☺☺

And Rohan here with Sarah and another friend may remember I was lucky to see his wife Christie in her London show while we were catching up with him in Melbourne Oz 

Other Mum to him......little old me lol 
It was a fab time and he is next going to be in "Brigadoon" so on our list 

On Monday, Sarah had organised to visit Grandma (my ex ma inlaw) so I joined her and surprised Grandma ☺☺ and she loved meeting Woody lol 

and Karen her daughter my sis inlaw to loved Woody  lol 

Nice pic of the four of them together......we had a nice little lunch catchup.....I then drove Sarah back home and me back home again.

Yesterday (Tuesday) Paul picked up his new specs and looks like a new man lol 
Thoughts for those caught up in sadness in our world ♥♥
May you be happy where you are xoxo


  1. Oh how lovely Mum, was such a joy being with you watching Rohan! You always brighten up peoples day when you visit, Grandma and Aunty K loved it and Paul looks fab in his new specs xoxo

  2. It's always neat to see how many things you do.. I love how you "go for the gusto" in life! Love that pink scarf! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Such a treat to catch up with you and be taken on your adventures. I am with Woody and think you live the best life possible.
    Can't wait to see your crocheted socks finished. They already look so comfy!

    1. Thanks Andi and yes Woody is very lucky lol and have done no more on my crochet socks xo


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