Thursday, September 14, 2017


Woody was ready for our touring day in Budapest.....interesting photo if you zoom in the red shop is "Hangover bar & cafe" lol 

back to seeing all sorts of interesting buildings again......last year we had very little time here as was on the river cruise, this time bus ☺☺

Hero's square is one of the major squares in Budapest, Hungary, noted for its iconic statue complex featuring the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other important Hungarian national leaders, as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

these snaps were taken from bus, but I will get closer later ☺☺

just amazing 

crossing over the Danube river and can see many river cruise ships parked on the side, just like we did last year ☺

looking the other way 

we were taken up Gellert hill and got to see amazing views down, snapped this plaque while there 

looking down the that amazing Danube river 

one side is Buda the other Pest.....combined as Budapest 

interesting little tap 

our tour director Karl 

Woody enjoyed this bus as he had his own place to hang lol 

back on the bus

loved seeing lions on chain bridge again 

looking up to Buda Castle also the gallery there 

The main fa├žade of the Fisherman’s Bastion, running parallel to the Danube, is approximately 140 metres long. The seven stone towers with their pointed tops symbolise the leaders of the Hungarian tribes who conquered the country in 896

Mathias church The church is officially called The Church of Our Lady, and served as a coronation church from the 16th century on. Its vast ecclesiastical collection and treasury is open for visitors. 

amazing architecture 

We were bused up to then have a good walk around at Castle hill.....we came here last year so instead of sticking with walking tour we did our was very crowded but still just as amazing ☺

I can never get used to how they built all of these amazing towers/castles/monuments so long ago  

we then stopped for a much needed coffee in this little place called Baltazar 

blurry selfie lol 

and this place was opposite Jamies Italian restaurant.....

Woody checking if Jamie was there lol 

we then took a quick walk to check this place out again.....we ran out of time last year to have a look so........

down the stairs we went and much say it was lovely and cool down there ☺

interesting gates

once down no pics were allowed and did not go right inside as a look takes over 30mins and thought well maybe another time in the future ☺

statue of  artur georgy Monument to World War II Soviet MarshalGeorgy Zhukov (1896-1974) google is my friend lol 

looking across from that statue over to castle 

and these guys trotted up so fun for a little pic even the white horse is looking at us lol 

selfie under another monument....we then were bused back to our accommodation and took a walk out to get some lunch 

another neat building in town along the way 

and trams run here too, very fast 

a sharing tasting plate for lunch 

back to the hotel we then had a walking tour in a place called Szentendre a town known for its art, culture, museums and galleries 

lovely cobbled pathways 

no pictures taken inside the micro could google for the artists pics, but what it essentially is think of the eye of a needle and picture tiny flowers in it, or another was a row of tiny camels....

colourful places in this town 

neat narrow walkway 

oh yeah and stairs 

climbed up to check out this church 

then found this one 

we then strolled back down to the danube 

had a cooling drink over at that cafe then back to the bus to return to hotel

others headed off for a river cruise including meal (extra to pay for) but we wanted to go back to hero's square and get some good pics.......and the rain began so ducked into a place for tea 

enjoyed a nice red with our meals 

happy man after eating lol 

but walk we did in some rain to get closer pics of the square 

amazing in the evening with a bit of light still 

those statues are incredible 

the unkown soldiers grave 

hope you like all these pics as this is one lengthy post lol 

and still more as this square is massive 

and little old me and can tell you after I left here the sky opened up and I got wet.......real wet but loved anyway......a bit of a hike back but hey well worth this ♥♥

goodbye square......will be back with day 3.....


  1. Thanks for sharing all these neat photos of a place I will never get to see myself. Love the cobbles and narrow walkways.. and wow.. the statuary at the end! Gorgeous! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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