Thursday, September 14, 2017

The beginning of our trip to Europe

Well it has been more than six weeks since I posted but now I will be doing a blog catchup.....probably every day till caught up. Woody was excited to be in the backpack again ☺

Our flight was in the evening of 4th August and there were many china pandas of all colours here

Destination Budapest for the start of a bus tour with Insight Vacations

blurry pic of our massive plane lol 

chilled for a little while with a quiet drink 

flight attendants on their way 

we chose to sit this time in the middle 4 seats with aisle seat and right near the toilets ☺☺ 

huge plane broken up into smaller sections.....we flew for 14hours to Qatar Doha for a short stop 

interesting things at Doha airport 

funny kids playground, like something out of Willy Wonka 

took a pic of what would be our sheet for things we were doing and seeing 

and oh boy that hot weather again lol 

our setting at the welcome dinner 

Yummy soup 

a violinist came around to serenade everyone 

Pauls meal we forget what it was possibly pork and veg lol

I had a vegetable crepe 

1 of many tables for our new touring group 

and yep this also crepe chocolate desert sure was not low carb.....but due to not eating many sweet things now I struggled to even eat half.....

the name of restaurant in Budapest 

back onto the bus for a much needed sleep as we had arrived after a 5hr flight (2nd flight) 

the moon was looking full 

some of the stairs in the hotel for 2 nights 

lovely big room with a very comfy bed.....
I now will be back with more ☺☺


  1. Thanks for sharing all your photos.. you guys sure do get around! I wish I could do that too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Have sent you an email and yes we do tend to get around lol xo


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