Sunday, July 30, 2017

Snow Train and family fun

Yesterday (Saturday) was a great fun day all round.....I went up to the footbridge near my home to wait for that annual Steam Train 

Just me with other Steam crazy people 

way off in the distance and we were all excited 

2 R class engines 

R761 and R711 

Toot Toot and there was at least 12 carriages with happy people on board ☺☺ I then went back home as we were expecting many family visitors for lunch ♥

Miss April having fun with my rubber rats lol 

Mr Cooper enjoying lounging around lol 

my Frank and Riley who is always a little shy at first 

my oldest grandboy Brandon ☺

Grandpa and April bonding lol 

On the couch Lauren, Sarah with Cooper and my other big grandboy Sebastian "Batty" about to turn 16 

April enjoying meeting Riley 

a nice pic of Granny Grandpa and Coop 

love how Cooper is checking out Grandpa lol 

Enjoying my singing fish lol 

Paul's Brenton chatting with Batty 

my Ray waiting with April 

for the Happy Birthday cake 

we all sang very loudly lol 

Missed the snap of batty blowing the candles lol 

look how tall those grandboys are now with old Granny lol 

and they make their Mum, my Sarah teeny tiny lol 

everyone enjoyed some cake 

and Miss April loved a low carb choc chai pudding I made.....her first taste of choc and she loved ☺

she was keen to steal Rileys cake lol 

and this pic was taken a bit over 3yrs ago and thought we would show the difference 

Brandon 18, Sebastian 16, Riley 4, no Misty as she was sick and me with Cooper 6mths, April not keen to be in cage lol 

But April ok with big group pic of my 4 and 5 grandies......across the back row Rex, Frank, Brandon, Batty, front Lauren, April, Riley, Sarah, Granny and Cooper ☺☺♥♥

in the afternoon it was time to return to the footbridge and most came up to join me ♥♥

proof I was not alone lol 

April enjoyed walking on the footbridge 

Batty and Brenton getting ready to film the trains ☺☺

Riley and April keen 

and Riley pointed and said "steam trains" 

and here they come 

I just enjoyed watching and enjoying having family with me.....they all loved them and April was a little scared but said "toot" after they went lol 
well now back to final stuff this week before we fly......


  1. What a fun day with so many family members with you. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to your grandson! Have fun packing for your trip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks again Teresa, of course sent you email xo

  2. Was such a great day Mum and so very happy with the many great pics ! How cute all of your Grandies will love your beloved Steam for years to come xoxo

    1. Yes a great fun time dear girl of mine xoxoxo

  3. [Thanks for sharing your family celebrations! I have been having a grand time with family members across the USA and hope to post soon about some of the adventure. [I got to visit my 97 year old uncle who took my little family years ago on a steam train ride through cranberry bogs in Massachusetts, USA. Great memories 🤗]

    1. Sounds awesome Gracie of course I will email you too xoxo me just back


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