Friday, July 28, 2017

A bit of sewing and getting ready

Hey has anyone tried these noodles?? Bought them the other week and wonder what they will be like....definitely low carb so will be interesting...we have been getting ourselves ready for the up coming trip but also catching up on other things ☺

made these little pants for Cooper, hope they fit lol 

and these cute ones for April, they are made from warm fuzzy fleece.....needed here at the moment 

my label which really is to just show which is the back.....

Woody is getting ready and excited about our future trip 😁😁😁

we have had hideous weather with lots of rain, much needed but oh boy cold

made us some nice chicken/cheese stuffed avocado for lunch the other day 

and on with watching "call the Midwife" and my hooking tomorrow Saturday 29th August we have most of the family coming for a bbq type lunch and at this time of year "The Snow Train" I am a bit happy lol 

last year it was like this!!!! 😖😖😖 freezing with lots of hail too lol 

But it can be worth seeing tomorrow they are saying NO rain and warmer day of at least 20 Celsius so sounds good, wish us luck lol 


  1. Cute pants for those darling grandkids! I like Woody's bagpipe! And fun to see the steam train heading towards you! I bet you're getting excited about your next big trip! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Sure am Teresa and enjoyed the snow train yesterday again xo


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