Monday, July 24, 2017

Fun with April

Hello again and to this cute little lady.....she came to stay 2 nights at our home and was very happy to see Woody in the morning.....Daddy dropped her off late the first night Tuesday 18th July, so she did not even get to see us, just straight to bed lol 

She woke at 5.30am so looking a bit rugged pic of me, not required at all lol 

after breakfast she had a lovely time investigating all over our back garden area 

lots of pointing and running ♥

we took her on our daily walk to the post office all rugged up ☺

she loved sitting in the little seat and eating banana......the high chair is now at our city pad

after her evening bath she enjoyed checking out the dishwasher lol 

her hair all nicely brushed and playing with an old sock puppet I made donkey years ago ☺

her in bed us relaxing watching "Offspring"

next morning Thursday she woke at 7 so we all looked a lot better and able to have a selfie lol 

we had more fun during the day and when her arvo sleep was due we drove her back home.....the trip is just over 1hr 30min so a good time to nap ☺♥

we then headed to our city pad as we had already planned to have April on the back to catching up on "Outlander" as many of you know we are going back to Scotland and looking forward to more lovely castle checking 

on Saturday 21st July we were expecting April and had the high chair setup for a great view to the helicopters 

and here she is loving being back in the city 

gorgeous face and I am not very biased lol 

her saying "bye bye" after Uncle Rex left after a quick drop in......

she really enjoyed the view ☺☺

it was a good day 

that night we went on with "Outlander" with her sleeping very well in other bedroom 

on Sunday she slept till 7 and was full of beans lol 

we took her on a morning city walk, going on 2 trams 

after the 1st tram she enjoyed the harbour view 

and checking out "The Melbourne Eye" 

one of those massive ferris wheel, we have not been on yet......

and showed here a mini amuse park which maybe her Mum and Dad may take her too one day ☺☺

yes just Granny and Grandpa 

back on another tram which ended up PACKED.......but we managed to get off 

and just look how happy she was out and about with Woody ♥
after her day nap we then drove her back home

and oh boy the weather changed and the rain was heavy for our trip back to home..........

we relaxed last night with a "David Attenborough" gorilla special....

and today of course I am doing this post and here is the other top I made last week before April came.... and very happy with another top which will be handy on our is cold here and our first place to tour is Budapest and they are having HOT weather in the high 30's......going to be interesting lol 

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  1. Yay for the pretty sewing results and your grand time with April! 🤗💞


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