Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Grandies and some sewing

Hello again......okay this is to catch up to today......last Wednesday 12th July we drove down to help/look after this little man and  

his big sister, who was glad to see Woody came too 

that cute 

Paul went outside with Trixie to throw/kick a ball for her.....then he took her for a walk before he left to go see realestate agent and head on into the city.....

here are the 3 of them under my watch lol 

this Mr Cooper has amazing blue eyes 

and April is cuteness overload lol......I left in the afternoon and walked to the station but......trains replaced by bus and then a SLOW train to city.....took me ages, but oh well.....We also caught up with my boy Rex (no pics) and his partner for late tea.....he is busy with audit/tax time stuff and flat out.....
Woody helping me hook on with that beanie and watch tv......we stayed 2 nights to catch up on much needed cleaning and repairs of oven (which needed new element and completing that this Thursday/Friday)

back home the next day Friday 14th I tested out that zoom again with my mobile......this is a house across the road and the details look neat.....mossy roof 

and the beanie is completed ready to gift to someone ☺

Sunday night relaxed watching "Scorpion" and hooking as usual 

Yesterday Monday 17th July I decided to get on with some repairs and actually do some sewing of much needed tops........

this is one of my older machines but is a great workhorse.....and clever me using the twin needles for a nice bit of edging.....

just testing the focus on my mobile as was playing up lol 

and the top was finished same day and very happy with it.....

we had marinated chicken and a yummy low carb slaw on the side  

Today I have started another top with shorter sleeves 

using my newer machine who is not playing fair with the thread breaking......

I do love my pin holder, so cute......well must pack up a little as have Miss Cuteness coming to stay for a couple of up to TODAY.....finally xoxoxo


  1. Those two little darlings are as cute as pie! I'm glad you get to spend so much time with them. Your top came out great and you sure are slim.. I wish I had your control! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Avoiding potato, bread, rice, pasta has been interesting lol xo

  2. Great top for your trip! I expected to have hot and humid weather for all my travels but am glad to say it has been comfortable...I hope you have your good weather for your travels! 🤗💞


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