Saturday, July 15, 2017

April, Cooper and Demy ♥♥

Well back home and cleaned out the van and while gone a parcel arrived for me......

it was a little lens you attach to mobile and get extra tested out on the full moon Friday 7th July......quite good  

and here is the lens which just screws into the back of this snap on back.....easy 

on Saturday I drove down to help out with this cute man Cooper.....and me drive is sure something as have only driven my car Honda 4 times since getting it in November 

and little Miss April 

and Trixie

Trixie and April chilling together lol 

and big sister helping little brother with rattles ☺

and helping him enjoy the bouncer ☺

good trixie ♥

April and Granny selfie lol 

Granny and Cooper selfie......I had a good day catching up with them and back home I went as had more things to do at home.....

caught up on final episode of "Love Child" what an end........

and next day while doing other things managed to fit in watching the first 2 episodes of another one I like "Offspring" another aussie show all the info here

oh and another test snap with that mobile lens ☺

we had Brenton drop around on Sunday too for a catchup 

back to home hooking and watching another Attenborough special, this time on tigers 

on Monday 10th July we headed off to go visit my sis 

her cat Jack in the box lol 

and Jill who are getting old but some cats go till 20yrs 

and my sis has a new grandgirl and I got to hold her 

and so did Paul.....her name is Demy and her Mum is Marissa, but no pics of her lol 

so cute with gorgeous eyes....she is 8mths old and tiny like her mum ♥

back home we went and had dinner out as got back rather late and this is our leaving the club we don't look happy ☺☺
anyway.....sort of up to date and have been back down doing more Granny duty but will post that when have other things to add to what we are doing xoxoxoxo


  1. Your little grandson is super adorable and his sister is also and it was neat to see what a good big sister she is. Your other baby is also a doll.. very cute kids in your family. Have fun on your adventures! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa they sure are all cute ☺ Been an interesting time doing my 6 blog post catchups xoxo

  2. I love seeing your sweet growing grands :) I have been curious about the cell phone zoom lenses. The one you got is different than the ones I have seen. I keep trying to take good photos of the moon, and so far my best photos have been with my Lumix point and shoot camera. Wishing you a happy week and a wonderful six weeks of traveling!!!!!! xxxxxx

  3. The zoom works okay but a bit fiddly lol I always love seeing your photo's Gracie xoxo


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