Monday, September 18, 2017

Flying to Edinburgh and finding where 2 uncles once lived

On the plane late afternoon ready to head to Edinburgh, Scotland ☺☺♥♥ Woody keen 

We were way up frontish 

Wing and engine behind 

Off we go 

and nighttime as we landed 

and unlike the hot weather we had been was lovely and cool and happy to wear my beanie waiting for a bus. We stayed at a nearby hotel Ibis and next morning caught another bus to pick up a hire car.

Back in Edinburgh to pick up our Tattoo Tickets ☺☺

Sighted Sir Walter Scott Memorial 

Edinburgh castle way up there 

and rain of course.....we then drove on to stay in a town as tomorrow we had some investigating to do of where Paul's Mum and some of his Uncles lived ♥

We stayed in here, us not smokers but when desperate to stay somewhere ok 

Woody was ready the next morning to head off 

Off in the car 

and Yesterday I had spied this castle in the distance at took a quick snap as we drove by......

We then arrived in Helensbrough and this photo is taken to show where the parents of Paul's Mum and Uncles had a hairdresser shop in maybe 1930

Now as you see a bit of green in the square 

Helensburgh Parish church 

Now this primary school was where the High school and we know Paul's Mum went there and her older brother..... 

Came across this old memorial 

looking back down the street from that primary school 

then we went up the road a bit and found these old gates 

and the actual High school.....the primary has been built in the front of this is now no longer in use and you can see above the door the boys separate to the girls 

and we were able to see across the back of the school now just overgrown 

but right near a lovely big park 

Hermitage Park being upgraded 

and more of a look a the back area of old High school 

And not easy to see but above this door was where Paul's Mum went for a while

Further into this lovely park, with a running stream 

Old looking tree 

looking over again towards Primary school play equipment and can almost see the word GIRLS over door if you zoom in, but letters seem broken 

another pic 

They must do reading here as a big chair and lots of bench seats 

Even have their own viking type wooden ship 

We headed back to the car and I wanted to have a little walk on the pier 

Long pier 

Amusement ride which does not look like it has been in use for a long time 

This one in better condition 

looking back to the town of Helensburgh 

Helensburgh Clock Tower 

Now along we drove and stopped in Shandon and it appears where we parked our little car, that this was once part of the garden where they lived 

An old church as we walked towards the road 

Across this road is Gare Loch 

looking up this road towards where Uncle Gordon told us the house was, and also where he enjoyed being down at the water 

A newer set of steps down to the Loch 

Looking back to where the car is parked on other side of fence and the original garden 

We found one of his rocks which he loved 

There was another rock too further out and interesting if a high tide lol 

and can you see in the distance attached to the wall some crazy sticking out steps.....he used to climb them ☺☺

I chose to climb the newer ones lol 

and then we discovered what was the gate to the house 

or at least the walls 

And it was opposite where those stairs are 

See, one of the crazy ones only a young person would tackle lol 

Looking down to the other jutting out steps 

Looking back up the road and you can see little gate opening on the left 

And into the property we walked, thinking about how the home would have been here....and there was a running creek we could here 

An old wooden garage is here but don't know if it was anything to do with original house 

We then drove back to Blairvadach following some directions Gordon had given us ☺
And here a War Memorial for the young men of Shandon who gave their lives in Second World War

Their father L Cpl John Cairns who was also Paul's Grandfather 

And on the other side 

Those who died or took part in the Great War

Then off we went to get to our next destination 

Interesting road with houses so close 

Stopped here for a few snaps 

and look Steam Train lol 

Might have to come back one day.....lovely view and I could imagine seeing a Steam Engine puffin along down there.

We started to drive through some lovely Highland party of Scotland ♥

Reminds me of "Outlander" the series 

Neat little bridge 

Running water through a drain when we stopped to go look at a waterfall called Falls of Falloch 

There it is 

Walked along this cage 

A bit better snap 

Just look at those mountains 

Isn't this just gorgeous country 

Imagine living in that little house 

Another waterfall along the side of road 

Very neat indeed 

And then............there was a motorbike accident.......we were 20 mins from Fort William our next place to stay for 1 FIVE hours later we were all allowed to continue.......the scenery sure helped but oh boy we were hungry/thirsty
Anyway will be back to continue on.....xoxoxo


  1. Mum what stunning country to drive around! So very beautiful, I absolutely love the pic of that little house amongst the beautiful mountains-would be great living there. So good you guys got to tour around with Gordon checking out the school,the loch and seeing the war memorials would have been very special too. Love the quaint gardens Mum and all the neat steps though that cage thing looks creepy to walk through lol. How hideous copping that accident traffic Mum! Atleast you had beautiful countryside to view lol xoxoxoxo

    1. Yes Sarah it has been fantastic and so happy to check all this out for Gordon too. love you xoxo


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