Saturday, September 23, 2017

Natural History Museum and Science London

Yep me in London and had our Oyster cards (train travel cards) so waited to catch a train 2 into the city 

On the train selfie 

We got off here for the next the tube system has many many tracks at different levels 

Walking with others to the Museum 

Now this is the natural history museum building 

Neat big building and we were looking forward to this as had watched a David Attenborough large screen 3D on this museum and the animals came to life 

Walking in the front and it is HUGE 

Amazing seeing the animals skeleton side by side 

A whale

There were little carved monkeys going up 


Looking down from the top floor 

Old tree slice 


Incredible displays everywhere 

T-Rex who was animated and did a big roar too 

Paul standing in front of skeleton of Brontosaurus lol
We then after hours headed for the Science Museum 

And here we are 

I liked a lot of the steam displays of engines (not trains)

Amazing how these were built in 1791

So many types invented over time 

This one was spinning fast 

Oh look a train engine 

And plenty of planes here.....we were here for hours too playing with different science fun 

Victoria and Albert Museum but did not go there, on the to do list one day 

It is all about during there era 
Well I am sure getting these posts done, but only posting 2 a day enjoy if you can xoxoxo


  1. Goodness sakes, I can't keep up with you! But I enjoyed all the photos and all the places you went and seeing the uncles is great. How could you drive past Stonehenge without stopping? You sure have been soaking up a lot of history.. are you going to remember it all? LOL! Have fun.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes Teresa have done my best now home doing these posts lol Shame Stonehenge fenced off but still great to see xo


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