Thursday, September 21, 2017

Touring around Torquay

And here is Gordon and Paul together ☺ He drove us out to have lunch and a look around

I almost look like I am crying with laughter

there were some Koi fish in a pond 

and a little fountain 

And a bit of a cafe/gift shop just before going to 

Smugglers tunnel......sounds like something from Midsomer Murders 

Gordon led the way in 

Nice long tunnel and cool in here 

and down lots of steps 

a selfie with Ness Cove behind us 

Looking out over the cove 

Back in the car and it was raining a bit lol 

Thought we would check the castle which was under a lot of reconstruction ....Paul actually went up some scaffolding steps to have a look from the roof 

Solid parts of the castle to be put back together again 

Took a pic of a pic so you can see what it normally looks like ☺

Will be good when it will be water tight 

Heading into the castle 

There were plenty of great paintings of family over the years 

Views out the window 

Carpeted stairs 

A neat chair in one of the rooms 

Looking through to another section 

The girls neat is this 

A little train 

Look at this antique rocker for 2 

Butlers sink and did not work out why one sink had 3 taps......

I am pretty sure boiling water would have been in this 

Angel light 

Model as completed 1930

Model as planned 1911

Dark room......

There was this room which was loaded with clocks of all types castle-drogo/features/harrisons-garden more info here 

Many shapes 

Many sizes 

And a lot of ticking lol 

We walked back through the garden area 

Plenty of stairs and also had a croquet ground 

We then were driven to this area for lunch 

We had a lovely lunch with Gordon and walked on the bridge 

Quite a few young ones were swimming as it was quite warm

Looking back the other way....and they do have trout here but none to be seen today

Back over to where we had lunch 

And a snap of the bridge down below 

Looking for Trout lol 

Heard a lot of engine noise in the distance and by the time I walked around this vehicle was disappearing into the woods......looked like a 4 wheel drive towing a trailer 
Busy day for sure and very enjoyable too 


  1. That is one big sock photo! LOL! What a neat place that castle is.. do they keep all those clocks going? What a job that would be! Who is Gordon? Keep on having fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Gordon is Pauls Uncle think you missed last post, there has been so many lol xoxo


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