Friday, September 22, 2017

Visiting Torre Abbey and other things

Hello again us still in Torquay and decided to go check the Abbey out 

There was a pond in the park nearby 

and a very old Mulberry bush in the park 

Heading towards the Abbey 

Going through this neat little place 

The Abbey wall 

Heading on in 

It was lovely and cool in here 

Looking up to where the lift was going to take us

After it was smashed 

Some of the ruins 

Looking out over to the gardens and they have 2 hot houses for plants 

This place was pretty big and we enjoyed watching/reading most displays but not take photo of everything lol 

Long hallway 

And this dining room had plates which spoke as if someone was sitting there 

More amazing paintings

Loved this one 

Another snap out the window 

Woody enjoyed too 

Yep more stairs 

Outside in the garden area 

More of the ruins 

Looking to the back of the Abbey

More ruins and graves 

Part of the ruin walled with colour discolouration due to different rocks 

Shadow snap at the Abbey

We left and went path these white swans 

There was a fair on the left 

And way up the top of the hill is where Gordon lives 

Took a walk back on the boardwalk 

And a little train came past along the road so we got on and Woody was very happy 

And when we got back later to Gordons' he took us out to this neat place 

And a dark drive back down those narrow bushed roads
We sure have enjoyed ourselves and reckon Gordon liked having us around.
Is that right Gordon ☺☺

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