Sunday, October 22, 2017

Busy week ☺☺

Hello ☺☺ back doing a crochet hat with a pattern I was testing for a blog friend Teresa ☺

It is a great pattern and link will be below with completed hat......

Some great marinated pork ribs that Paul whipped up and salad by me 

last week I went to stay for the night at Sarah's house and she has 3 cats and never easy getting a simple face pic of them not moving lol 

Her youngest boy Batty was in a music performance 

here we are, Frank, Sarah, Shannon 

and there is Batty rocking on with his guitar

plenty of good instrument playing and they did "Money" by pink floyd 

he has a pretty neat electric guitar 

of course I was very proud of him and had a great time watching ☺ 

back at the house attempting a pic of Dexter with Sarah's help lol 

and Dante' ♥.......then next day, Thursday I drove on to our city place

because yes.....this.....for Friday night 

but Thursday night relaxed with crochet and watching those railway journeys I love ☺

I managed to finish it that night. It is a crochet around hat with a clever ribbed brim 

and here is the completed crochet hat ☺☺ link to Teresa's blog the owner of this great pattern 
a-hat-for-paige She made 2 for her grandsons first, then for her 2 granddaughters, thanks Teresa for that pattern. I was one of many who tested it out for her ☺☺

so Friday night we got ready for the love of my life ☺♥♥

Paul not a big fan but he went with me cause he loves me lol 

there were 2 support bands very loud of course 

does Paul look keen here lol 

and oh he comes 

plenty of great lighting and smoke 

ALICE ♥♥♥♥

yes I am a crazy fan......first heard his music when I was 15!!

amazing he is for someone almost 70 

stage show included Frankenstein and usual guillotine 

rocking with schools out and yes, I sang along ☺☺

the back of my new t-shirt  

and the front...... 
here are 6 of my t-shirts from over the years and 2 others at city place and 3 which I wore 12 at least I have owned and loved lol 

played tourist before we drove home on Saturday......St Pauls cathedral in Melbourne city 

and last night Jason and Jess (with her back to us) stayed the night and Julia came to join us all for breakfast......

and Woody had a bit of fun with their friend Foo Foo and Shrek.....
Just us now here back home and may do a little van trek in a week
Any Alice fans out there? Anyway may your weekend be a good one xoxo


  1. Oh how I enjoyed this post, Wendy! I'm so happy you got to go to Alice Cooper's show.. Paul is a good sport. Thank you so much for testing my pattern. It's a pretty quick and easy hat, I'm going to do an adult one and add to that pattern so people can do a bigger one. We are finally getting some good weather here at the coast after days and days of wind and rain. Thank heavens! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes lots of fun and an adult hat would be great too. Mine does fit me but need a few extra rows really. Great the weather improving there xoxo


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