Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A surprise

On Sunday we had a surprise 60th to go to and catch up with many friends 

My dear friend Lanie (sorry Lanie) lol and another friend called Cookie on the left

The party was for our friend Julie (I call her loo loo)

Her lovely hubby Mark and girls Leona and Kylie organised it all.....we all kept quiet and along the back wall as she was arriving 

Surprise lol and she was 

Look at that happy face.......she thought  she was just going to a simple arvo tea ☺☺

Her Mum and Dad so happy too 

Mark sure did a good job of not telling her anything 

plenty of chatting with everyone 

and speeches from Kylie 


and Mark 

A wonderful afternoon 

and her Mum and Dad gave her "the seniors card" ☺☺ 

we then drove back home and I have started a bit of a blanket 

and added a bit of black ♥♥
Well that is it for now and will be doing Granny duty on Saturday night back at the city ☺☺


  1. What a nice husband to organize a surprise party. It looked like she is a very well-loved woman to have so many friends. Have fun with your grandkids!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes he sure is and she is a special friend for sure Teresa xoxo so are you


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