Thursday, November 2, 2017

Final part of trip ☺☺

Well yesterday we headed off to our next spot. Woody was keen and liked hanging out the window for a minute lol 

we met cattle along the monaro highway 

Paul wanted to check out a gorge that we had driven past many times, so we unhitched Winnie and drove on........forest road 

much better without towing 

table and bbq/fire pits 

and a drop loo with tank water 

we walked along this path 

there was water flowing down there but just looks very rocky lol 

bits of stream flowing through the gaps 

flowing past us as we looked along the gorge 

the gorge......

Paul walking back another part of the boardwalk back......we then re hitched up Winnie and on we went 

stayed here last night and did not have to unhitch ☺☺

we walked to this bowls club for tea 

and enjoyed this bottle of red ☺

and I had a great seafood dish......yum 

this morning we left the van park and went for a swans in the distance 

we went across this big footbridge 

noting there were many more black swans enjoying the sea 

these 2 were a bit nervy lol 

life saving club at Lakes Entrance beach 

and the sea.....
Lakes Entrance is a coastal town in eastern Victoria, Australia. It's known for the Gippsland Lakes, a vast system of inland waterways. There is a pedestrian bridge to Ninety Mile Beach, which stretches along the town's Tasman Sea shoreline. Wildlife around the beach and lakes includes kangaroos, pelicans and dolphins.

looking the other way 

and straight ahead to Bass seeing this, good sea air too  

we then had another long walk and stopped at a cafe for a late breakfast (10.30) and was nice, but have better here in our own hometown cafe ☺☺

and now we are back home again......Paul doing the remote control thing of bringing Winnie in ♥
Well that will be it from me for a little while, so take care out there xoxoxo


  1. I truly love how adventurous you both are! I enjoyed seeing the black swans.. I wish we had some here. Enjoy being at home! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Ohhh how very Beautiful to see that Gorgeous Open Ocean! I love 90 mile beach and boy lakes entrance is a dream...SWANS ASWELL! How lovely Mum, I so enjoy looking at all your journeys xoxo


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