Thursday, November 2, 2017

Questacon and on we go to somewhere else

Well now on to Tuesday we visited Questacon and they had these neat shadow cutouts outside 

With over 200 educational and interactive exhibits, Questacon seeks to make science fun for all and here is a link for more info QUESTACON

They had a very large neat water feature 

we started on the 4th floor via lift and you can walk the whole way down via large ramps 

they had a neat colour room and amazing what happens with your eyes as you stare at different things 

this lightning happened every 15 mins and heaps of school kids did the countdown from 10 very loudly lol 

neat clock

more of that water feature 

this entertained us, think we would love one of these ball rolling things at home ☺☺

and again the water 

steamy too.......

we both had a great day here and Paul loved playing around with all of the experiments 

a neat pic of a cats eye ♥♥

sand being blown around. You could adjust which way the wind blew to see how it affected the sand.
Now on to somewhere else for a night 


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