Friday, December 22, 2017

Being tourists on Phillip Island

Hello......we continued our time on Phillip Island and enjoyed being tourists

This area has little penguins and they sleep/nest in these boxes......incredible they climb all the way up 

Map of the area 

Blowhole down below.....just love the waves 

Looking along the coast the other way 

Showing the different areas  and description  

A little rock pool way down 

Part of the walkway past the penguins 

Sure did not want to meet this Shy Snake lol 

A lovely evening sky 

The following day we went to Forest Caves 

And plenty of waking along this 

Beautiful sea ahead

Looking along 

And some surfers were way out there 

A little selfie of us, being good wearing our was hot and sunny 

looking back towards our car 

Back down we stepped, good exercise 

And I bought myself another new dress lol 

That night we had storms coming 

But cleared up quick

On Tuesday my brother Robbie called to say he was right near us and delivering a pool......This is what he does most days and look how huge this pool is......

A crane driver said no way was he taking that pool down this drive eek 

A selfie of the 3 of us while he was waiting on another crane and driver.....He spent pretty much the whole day waiting lol 

Never heard of this quaint Koala....we were parked right near this tree 

A cruise ship was stopped out in the bay near the house which was getting that pool 

And the big crane came and just look at it hoisting that massive pool over the fence.....

A truck with a digger on board braved this driveway.......

And Robbie was glad to finally be able to drive back home........bye bye 

We had Julie (my sis) and hubby Carl come for Wednesday night but took NO pics.....just Paul enjoying a red waiting 

And last night Thursday we went back for a wee Red 

Today we packed up and as we were going past Forest Caves again we decided to go and actually look at the caves 

Plenty of rounded rocks on this beach 

The caves up ahead and can only get to them at low tide 

One cave 

And another up over this big rock 

Only pic I got of this one as other people checking it out 

Water rushing in 

Waves rolling in 

And the other cave we found, neat 

Paul having fun walking all over this area 

Beautiful and we enjoyed our morning walk and are now back in the City......Tomorrow we have a family gathering to attend with most of my grandies xoxoxo


  1. Wow.. that pool delivery was interested.. I sure would love to have one like that! I enjoyed watching the rock and cave adventures.. did you pick any rocks to bring home? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)
    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*

    1. Thank you faithful friend for lovely comments xoxo No rocks taken home, can be a bit risky over here like your stealing or something lol


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