Monday, December 18, 2017

Fun at Phillip Island

We packed up on Friday for a week trip away from home to Phillip Island Cowes More info here

Car was all full

Said goodbye to chrissy decor 

And more

We had a 2 hour drive and here is the front decking with non working bbq 😂😂

Room for 2-3 cars

Kitchen with full oven


Our bedroom with ensuite

Back decking

Visitors king bed

Main bathroom with bath

Yep loo 😀😀

2 single beds so sleeps 6.......over the next few days many to stay

Cape Barron goose

A pair of them

My son Frank came to stay a night with Misty and Riley....we were present gifting for their birthdays 1-2 months ago......she loved the spirograph

Riley loved the dinosaur train

Lots of fun 😀😀

I played tennis with Misty

Frank had fun with Riley in the indoor pool

Good fun

Nice to see them having fun

Later a Wallaby came past with joey in pouch.....they loved this

Misty loved the fingerless mittens I made her

Next morning there were many board games played and we joined them for Cluedo 😀😀

Another sunny day

And rare last minute selfie with number 3 and 4 grandies 

They left and while waiting on next to arrive Paul showed me how to play this.....

So many tiles in this game and good for the brain.....have you played it?

And who's little shadow could this be with Granny

Little April number 5 grandy

And Ray with Cooper number 6 grandy

So cute and she was loving a walk around the resort

Cooper having his tea later on Saturday

April enjoying hers too

Lovely Lauren their Mum

I layed down with April while she went to sleep with many soft friends and Woody too buried in there lol

On Sunday before they left we went to a park near the beach and they loved this rocking boat

And this spinning ride 😀

And of course chasing the seagulls lol.....we said goodbye

And look my girl Sarah came for the night

And we got close with the geese

Very close

Paul gave them some cheese

And also grandy number 2 Sebastian......I hope to see grandy number 1 his brother Brandon on xmas day.....
Well lots of fun and they too have now gone and we have a few more nights before heading elsewhere ❤❤


  1. Wow.. you're getting visits from them all! Good idea! Where to next?
    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Funtimes for all at the Island! Enjoy wednesday with More special visitors xoxo


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