Monday, January 1, 2018

Train travel fun times and Happy New Year

Hello and may you all be having a good start to 2018.....Sarah got me this Calendar and I am very much looking forward to hanging it on my wall 😃😃

Last  Wednesday after training back home these dear friends came to stay the night.....Grace and Tony and their little doggie Cooper 

Paul was pleased to have someone else to chat with and enjoy a beverage or 2 

The weather was hot so we sure enjoyed wearing dresses lol 

He is a real cute little dog and loves us very much 💓💓

Grace was not so keen on another pic lol 

Chasing some flies away 

Yep Mr Red enjoyed the night very much......they went back home and we rested lol 

Oh boy on Friday the rain came and pretty much rained most of the day 

Very heavy and glad we were not catching the train back that day 😁😁

But on Saturday we caught the Vline (country train) to go visit Jason and Jess 

We caught 2 trains and trip was roughly 4 and half hours and you know I enjoyed Toot Toot 

The lovely happy couple.....Jess had been crook over xmas so nice to be able to visit them xoxo

Had a nice lunch with them and I even played a few games with Jess one called Exploding Kittens (a card type game) lots of fun.....may have to get it or maybe for my birthday 😉😉
We caught only 1 train back this time to the city 

Yesterday, Sunday. New Years Eve we caught a train to go visit my brother Robbie and Lynn.....we had a lovely afternoon with them

Trained back to the city to get ready for New Years Eve fireworks 

Getting darker and looking so pretty 

There were early fireworks for families way out there.....but we waited at our place and then took a walk at 11 pm.........

To here where we stood last year and even got to see the sports guy Sean again 

Just before the countdown they had some of the cast from Priscilla do a dance.....awesome 

Getting ready to count it down lol 

And they started and so loved being here again 

Then I decided to do a little movie 

And if you look real hard you will see 3 bats fly across trying to get away from the banging......poor things, but I was very happy to see them....
Now end of this post and on to more catching up with friends and family too.
A big happy new year out to you all and love from me and Paul xoxoxo


  1. More fun with friends you had! I do believe you're the most social person I know! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

  2. Yes and another friend post today lol


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