Thursday, January 4, 2018

More fun times

Hey there ☺☺ on a tram in the city on Monday.....we headed to a store called Myers to see there xmas window display......they do something different every here so come along with us ☺☺

Very cute and hope you enjoyed ☺ 

Out the front of Myers is plenty of decorations above where the trams run 

Busy day, but nothing like the week before Christmas 

A little pressie for me from Jason and own lighting up letter ♥♥

And this picture is for you Teresa ☺☺ Sunny warm weather here and hope it brings a bit of warmth to you all the way over in snowy Oregon 

Tuesday we drove to visit some dear friends at their little holiday place.....We drove over West Gate Bridge which is normally snail pace, but not today lol 

This is the view of their back garden and view out to the You Yangs info here if interested

Their back veranda, lovely place to sit 

The front of the house 

Sea views out there 

We all went for a walk 

And spotted a military plane flying past 

And yes I climbed over these rocks on the way there and on the way back......oh boy lol 

And a pic of Lanie and Mark and Paul ahead of me 

Only pic I took of them both lol ♥♥

We are now back home again and this is a lovely wind chime I got from Lauren and Ray ♥

Rex gave me this neat bird 

Love it 

Jason and Jess gave me these and the next lot.....

a bit of sweet drinking ahead of us lol 

Sarah gave me that Outlander calendar so now I am ready for the year 

Ray and Lauren gave me this brain cactus which was in a skull holder but a bit of an accident so ended up in today I re-potted it into a skull glass I had here 

Wish me luck as it was in pieces, but hope cacti hardy plants lol 

Sarah gave me this many years ago and is fake plants....

So bought this little plant  

And it is now planted in the glass house with 2 fake plants......disaster struck and broke top hanging now on window ledge instead ☺

Paul surprised me with this beautiful rainbow rose ♥♥ luck me ☺☺
Well, back to doing lots of washing and packing up the xmas decorations......
On to enjoying a good year ahead for us all xoxoxoxo


  1. What a neat place your friends live at.. and a fun place to visit! I love anything that has a view of water. If I had it all to do over I'd have insisted on a home with a view of the gorge.. but it's too late now I guess.. we're so part of this old house no way to conceive of moving. Have a great 2018! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. You have an awesome home and yes understand the love of water views xoxo


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