Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Last few days

Don't you just love this rainbow candle?  It smells fantastic and was a belated gift to me from my dear friend Lanie ♥♥

We have been a bit more serious on the low carb scene since xmas......loved these pork ribs and cabbage fry 

Paul has been enjoying a puzzle book from Ray and Lauren ☺☺

Yes I am still working on that crochet sock 

and knitted sock.....think my mojo has left for sure 

On Sunday we went back to the city to stay the night and went across the river to have a coffee 

View from our seats back to our little building in the middle.....after a walk we the caught a tram 

Ended up in St Kilda Beach and there is Luna Park's face info here  Opened in 1912 

The scenic railway climbing up the top 

Coming around the corner in the distance 

and down one of many hills.......

We did not go inside the park but enjoyed a good walk looking out to the bay 

In popular Acland Street plenty of shops here.....we had a bite for tea and headed back to city

We took an evening walk along the Yarra and back again 

Lots of walking and lovely lights coming on along the morning we were up early.....

To pick up my older grandboys....Batty here with me 

and Brandon......they both were going for their learners but poor Brando had a certificate problem so doing his next Monday......Batty can now drive with anyone game enough lol Amazing they are 16 and almost 19 oh dear I feel old.

And Dante'came out to say goodbye as we were leaving their house 

by Dante' pics of my dear Sarah but will see her and the young grandies on Sunday....April turns 2 ♥♥

Last night back home a quick spaghetti bolognese made with these noodles and YUM 

Today is Tuesday and we have quite a few appointments and look forward to a trip back down on Sunday to a park ☺☺


  1. More adventure for you two. I'm glad you got to catch up with your older grandsons. Very handsome boys! Have fun.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Yes we had a lot of fun and always great to see them xoxo

  3. Mmm...those pork ribs looked yummo! St Kilda is always so nice to have a wander around, isn't it? The boys loved seeing you guys and can't wait for Jells Park on sunday xo


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