Monday, January 15, 2018

April 2 xo

Hello,  On Friday I thought lets make a dishcloth/washcloth to try and get my crochet/knit mojo working again

And Friday night we went to a local night Market for a look see and I loved seeing all the bark that had fallen off this tree 

A gum tree, very aussie and we have plenty around here 

And I bought a rainbow hat, which is actually crocheted, and I love this. Packs flat too if putting in a case a bonus 

And on Saturday I finished that cloth and am now back to trying to finish my crochet and knit socks 

Sunday was a very special day and we drove down to have a lovely afternoon with this special birthday girl......April turned 2 and I bought her a Woody and she was so happy to see him and get out of the box he was in 😄😄

Nanna (Denise) having fun with April 

And Granpa in the back ground sorting our platter of food, and Papa (Rod) 

Woody dancing in the air with April lol 

Sarah arrived and enjoyed helping April with her pressie 

And I was holding Cooper, so a good chance for close up shot lol 

Watching the parcel fun 

He is an adorable happy little boy

With a recent haircut which went a bit wrong but looks so cute here, like a little man 

Oh and someone is putting Woody's hat on his head 

He is looking at Daddy thinking I know you did this lol 

Rather cute 

And suddenly Woody was on my shoulder lol 

Reaching up to get that little hat off his head 😁😁

The table of food 

Cousins and Aunties and Uncle arrived with more pressies 

So much fun and lovely to see everyone 

Sarah and Shannon had fun with Cooper and I do love this photo of them 😍😍

Singing happy birthday to April 

She had her own little cake and candle 

And loved eating it 

Aunty Sarah cuddle time lol 

Trixie loved having us all over and Ray held the ball stick up so I could get a still shot of her lol 

Setting up some skittles 

So Hudson could ride on through them lol 

April playing with her water activity set 

And oh dear, somehow April's Woody got on Trixie's back lol 

Think she wanted to attack him, but all good, was removed and everyone relaxed 😉😉
Wonderful afternoon we had and then we drove on to the city to stay.......

Today I did a little hand washing and hung on our little line on the enclosed balcony....dried beautifully with the shutter windows open lol 

Today, Monday we have done a LOT of walking and even have bought a washing machine for here.....
I really love the look of this building with some lions on it in the city......
So tomorrow we expect a delivery and then back home on Wednesday we think.
How is it at your place? xoxoxo


  1. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to darling little April!! What a fun family you have, full of love. Her little brother is also cute as a button. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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