Tuesday, January 23, 2018

More fun family times

Hello my family and friends......I sometimes have no idea what to put as a title to my posts so fall back on the general fun family times....which is true ☺  Look I am right into making crochet covered hair ties for a different look to my hair 

And while chilling in the city place I had the time to do them

Oh dear there was a slight altercation with a tram and did not give way and those trams do not stop one hurt, just the car damaged

Trams were blocked for about an hour but then got going again 

It sure was a beautiful day

We had bought a washing machine and it was delivered and I was able to wash sheets and towels and hang on that little line we have on enclosed balcony.....dried real quick. . And we also caught up with Rex and Jason for tea on Tuesday night, no pics 

Wednesday we headed back home and really hate the city traffic eek......

Thursday was another hot day here at home so gave me a chance to wear one of my new comfy 

And yes another hair tie done lol 

Oh and I finally completed those crochet socks

We brought these guys back from the city as we had little grandies coming on Saturday

This was our Friday evening shadow walk lol 

Saturday we had a lovely simple low carb lunch ready to do our Grand duty 

Yes Mr Blue Eyed Cooper 

April busy with one of her toys 

Such cutes and no I am not biased lol 

April was thinking of sneaking into kitchen to grab a snack or 2 ☺☺

Tea time and loving her pasta dish 

This guy sure can eat lol 

They had a bath then a bit of relax before bedtime 

April love that bee and was very happy to see we had it at home for her ☺☺

Up nice and early and after breakfast they had another fun bath ♥ 

April helped with the washing 

Lots of tiny clothes on the line 

Cooper loved watching those towels flapping in the breeze ☺☺

While Cooper had morning nap, April did some drawing and she just loves my 60 yr old blue bear lol 

On Sunday we had 3 visitors.....Misty holding Cooper 

Frank (who's birthday Monday) and Riley, who loved my vicious looking bear 

And just look at this face.....Misty had April's Woody and she wanted it back.....Misty gave it to her happily and this is the face of "April's Woody.....mine" lol She was happy just very expressive lol 

Father and son ♥♥

Cooper took a selfie of him and Misty.....they had fun and then they left to stay at a van park nearby 

Sunday night after April and Cooper had gone home I watched a David Bowie special on NETFLIX 

Monday morning, the birthday boy Frank arrived and look how happy they all look.....think a bit tired 

We took them out to Hog's breath and Woody showed the lunch specials lol 

Serious little Mis but she is really happy and fun to have around 

Happy birthday Frank ♥♥

Us ready to eat our lunch lol 

Father and son sharing a yummy drink.....
God the years go so fast and can't believe how quick the start of this year has been.....
Lovely to be able to look back on my blog though to what we have done in the last few years ♥♥
Back again sometime soon 


  1. You really have the most beautiful family. Cooper and April are such sweet little people! Thanks for sharing with us all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. They sure are and thank you again Teresa xoxo

    2. I forgot to say how cute the hair ties that you're making are and your hair looks lovely in them.

    3. Yes I love making them so quick and a nice change in my grey hair lol


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