Thursday, March 8, 2018

Being productive 😃😃

Just a quick post before we fly off 😆😆 some low carb curry cabbage which was nicer than it sounds  lol

Paired with crispy crunchy pork belly 😀

Sunday we had a drive to Tinamba and pub fully booked for lunch.....but I did see these kittens 😀😀 Told Paul we could have 1 each mine the black one of course lol

Anyway, this week I have been a bit productive in the crochet way.....been working on this on and off......more off for 4yrs so happy finished 

And made these Weebee bunnies for Easter (will be away) 

Google for info can't add via tablet.....and made little clothes too....hope grandies like when back   

Completed dishcloth/washcloth

Making another and will do more while away

Made this Yip Yip for Rex (he asked years ago for 1)

And this cute budgie pillow 

Need to add wings but may have to wait till back as not going in my case lol

Today Thursday during our walk round city this neat building from 1880

Amazing and will visit proper another day 😀😀

Well see ya later and hope my tablet blogging works while away 💖💖💖💖

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  1. I'm excited by your trip to NZ! Can't wait to see what you do there. I like the crochet you have been making, fun things for the adorable grandchildren of yours! Have fun.. Teresa :-)


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