Saturday, March 3, 2018

During this past week

Well a whole week has gone by and I have been a bit crook but could be worse lol
Anyway here is Paul with a toy flying helicopter we bought on Friday while doing our walk 

Its blades were spinning fast 

Paul got it flying and you can just see it blurry on the window edge lol 

Up in the air outside on Saturday 

More fun flying......Paul has enjoyed playing with this but alas....yesterday it broke its blades.....says to only fly indoors, but the wall killed it....

We are still continuing our Star Trek Enterprise journey with me hooking along 

I have made this cute bunny and trying to get on with another 

On Monday we caught the train into the city and it was a lovely day

And look my girl came to visit and stay the night.....she gave me that batman necklace ☺♥

On the Tuesday we did a bit of washing 

And later I had a lovely walk around with Sarah enjoying the day 

And view along the Yarra can see some kayaks coming up the river 

Beautiful time on a lovely day.....she caught the train back home after us having a good Mum/Girl time ♥♥

Took this photo to show that we have a pool at the apartment.....This is taken from our front door looking down....water is not very warm but hey, still neat fun 

Tuesday night we continued with Stranger Things 

Wednesday we caught the train back

Woody enjoyed the fast view 

Back home working on that other rabbit 

And watching Great British Railways 

Yesterday (Friday) I bought another batman t-shirt for me and it is purple ♥

Today on our walk back we spotted Gang Gang Cockatoos in a bush in our street and you can see the male and female together here 

A closer pic of the female.....the male has a bright red head 

A close up pic of my new necklace....thank you Sarah ♥  
I am slowly starting to get better although still coughing and very croaky voice.....Doc gave me anti biotics so hopefully better by the time we fly this Friday ☺☺
May it be a good weekend for you all xoxo


  1. Your daughter is SO gorgeous! And you are SO lucky that she comes to visit you. I have not seen mine in a year and a half. :-( Have fun on your trip to NZ. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hello again my faithful friend with always lovely things to say ♥ xoxo email sent as always


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