Saturday, March 17, 2018

Goodbye Queenstown Hello Taupo

Hope you are enjoying this trip with us. I know my faithful follower and commenter Teresa is 😀😀 Woody had some fun watching people going past our unit 😂

On our last day in Queenstown we visited a little zoo which takes refuge critters and boy were there a lot of ducks 😂

And peacocks too

A short video I did 😆😆

On our final night I did more crochet

And finished purple mittens

And started a soap bag ☺☺

One of the many delish meals we had out and no we did not eat the chips 😀😀

We said goodbye to Queenstown

And flew to can see the snowy peaks we flew over on the Sth Island

And after a drive with 2nd hire car arrived in Taupo.....Woody was exhausted 😪😪

Today (Saturday) this is the view from our unit.....

A little tour of this unit......we have stayed here years ago....lounge/dining


Upstairs bathroom with shower and loo.....handy if we had others stay as sleeps 6

Now that was down the stairs we go 

Down to the front door

Spare room with single beds

Laundry which also has loo

Our bedroom

And ensuite with another loo 😂😂

And a patio where today our clothes dry in the sun ☺☺
Now relaxing after doing food shopping today.
Thanks for visiting and comments too.....I email back to say hello ☺☺

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  1. Oh how I loved the scenes you saw, especially the lake with mountains behind it..reminds me of some of the lakes here in the NW/USA. Next time you video you'll have to talk to us, I'd love to hear your voice. I look forward to the next installment. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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