Thursday, March 22, 2018

Taupo and Huka prawns

Hello..... doing a catchup post of time in Taupo NZ....we had a bit of fun on this local train 😀😀

Train selfie

As you can see run by the lions club 

$2 each and can have free soft drink at local Cobb & Co pub

Here is a little video Paul did and we speak Teresa 😆😆

A cat lives at the timeshare so I had fun patting her

Had enough of me 

Woody has enjoyed a few car trips with us ☺☺

And out there is Lake Taupo with 3 Mountains Mt Ruapehu on the left and an active volcano 😅😅 Mt Ngauruhoe middle and Mt Tongariro.....I have seen them a lot clearer but this is the best I got this time

The beautiful Waikato river

River selfie

And here you will hear how noisy......we say hello Teresa 😆😆

Our little rental car 

Such a pretty spot at this view point

And on another day we visited here for some fun

There are a lot of ponds some with Trout

Paul testing how strong he is 😂😂

And this one does your weight 🙄🙄

The water sprays out of the holes as it climbs up

This pond no prawns but this shows how crates are used so prawns can try to hide from each other as they attack each other......vicious life they have 😮😮

Paul at the other end.......

A video I took of him 😆😆

A bit hard to take clear pic of trout which Paul fed

Looking back towards the cafe where they have heaps of visitors 

We then took a walk back along the river

The jet boat raced past before I got a pic

Yes we took this option 😃😃

Nice easy walk

Paul is waving up the top 

Neat kids play area

Woody being silly

He was looking forward to eating

But first we did some prawn fishing.......apparently they have had 780 people in one day 🙄🙄

Paul getting hook out of prawn

He caught these none......we took them to the cafe and they cooked them....I also had a lovely chowder and Paul chicken salad

Paul later caught 1 more....

And we took that one home for me to cook and eat.....Paul is not into seafood eating ☺

Saw this interesting sign yesterday 😂😂😂😂
Tomorrow  (Friday) we pack up and move on.....xoxoxo

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  1. Oh how fun! Dayle and I both enjoyed the videos of your train trip and that amazing river and the fun water feature! You're finding a lot of wonderful places to visit. I'm enjoying seeing them! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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