Monday, March 26, 2018

Travelling to Bay of Islands

Well hey there.....On Friday we left Taupo and Woody said goodbye to the stairs

He had enjoyed it very much here

Rain came to join us on the road

And I entertained myself with some hooking along the way 

We stopped for the night at Snells beach and they had this neat restaurant attached to motel

We had a couple of relaxing whiskeys while waiting for our meal

The motel at night 😀

Couch  with neat cushion

Big comfy bed

We visited the beach before getting back on the road

Tide was way out and sun starting to shine through the clouds

We stopped at a farmers market where they had a river and neat bridge 

Interesting water fall feature between the stairs

View out at Ti point another quick stop

Along the way Paul wanted to check this place out and I was interested in the Goat Island part 

Goat Island but never any goats but apparently did have pigs which jumped into sea and swam off lol 

We went inside the marine museum and they had a baby octopus

Plenty of star fish and crabs

When we got to Kawakawa we stopped to ride the little train.....we have been many times before

The carriages

The bridge has been reconstructed and plan is for train to very soon travel across

We took a walk and got a few pics

And this is Gabriel who is currently needing rebuild and money too do this 😢😢

Anyway enjoyed our diesel and money paid will assist ☺☺

Goodbye Timmy

Well we finally arrived in Paihia at 4 on Saturday.....I made a beanie for a baby

And working on bright market bag
Will be back with more fun 😆😆
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  1. More fun travels for you two! I especially enjoyed the ocean photos. I think it's great that you both enjoy traveling an make it happen. My dear husband is a homebody and would rather stay home.. but I am getting my way to go to the Victoria BC for my birthday soon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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